Conduit is a Decepticon who appears in Transformers: Universe.


If you see the eerie green glow of Conduit's healing weapons coming your way you better hope he's on your side, because on the battlefield Conduit, as Knock Out says, is the one who "deals the hand." He's a frightening spiritual killer. A healer who is also a stone cold gangsta possessed of a "demonic faith." In touch with the black side of fate he roams the roads of the night keeping his Decepticon boys rolling on their dark ride of destiny.


Conduit apparently grew up in Slaughter City. Conduit was part of the crew of the Leviathan when it shot down the Autobot ship Arclight over Central City. He and the other Decepticons on board went on to engage in a number of battles against the surviving Autobots in a number of places around the world.


  • His in-game weapons are the Xal Blaster Rifle, Enduro Shotgun, and Ethereal Pistols. Transforming into a customized off-road jeep, Conduit uses an onboard electric grenade launcher.
  • His in-game abilities are:
    • Spark Duplicator — Conduit heals over time as well as increases his healing to allies nearby
    • Lightfoot Armor — Conduit becomes more resistant to damage and moves faster in both vehicle and robot mode
    • Backfire Circuits — Conduit releases a virus which has a chance to deal a lot of damage and possibly kill an enemy if Conduit or any of his allies are killed nearby when this ability is activated
  • His active subsystem is "System infusion" where his healing can sometimes boost an ally's armor and speed.


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