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The Concurrence are a human organization in the Generation One continuity family.

The Concurrence is a mysterious cabal of humans who are dedicated to destroying the alliance between Earthlings and Autobots and driving all Transformers from Earth. Their ranks are made up of known terrorist leaders, corrupt politicians, mad scientists and psychotic big game hunters.


Binaltech story

After an intense investigation into the origins of the Decepticon Binaltechs, Agent Fairbourne uncovered the existence of the Concurrence. By using a potent combination of Dr. Arkeville's hypno-chip, and Bombshell's Cerebro-shell technologies the Concurrence managed to take control of many of the Binaltech project members and forced them to revive Decepticons injured by Swindle's Cosmic Rust as Binaltechs. They intended to use the Decepticon Binaltechs to eliminate the Autobots and then vanquish the remaining Decepticons, turning the solar system into a Robot-Free "resort".

Known members