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When one of Bulkhead's friends comes to Earth, he doesn't seem like himself.


One day, Bulkhead and Miko enter the main part of the base with their chores finished. Miko wants to do some dune riding, but Bulkhead says he was picking sand out of his articulators for a week and suggests a monster truck rally. Ratchet warns Optimus of a star vessel inside the Solar System which is sending a Autobot tracking beacon on a restricted channel. Jack, at the time, didn't know that the masses had scattered the galaxy as Arcee explains. Optimus tells the pilot to identify himself, which he responds "I've had warmer welcomes from Decepticon Combat Brigades." Bulkhead immediately identifies him as his old pal Wheeljack from a Wreckers team he was on. He asks him how fast he can get here, which 'Jackie, this is what Bulkhead calls him, responds with probably the next day. Optimus wants confirmation, and tells Wheeljack that he will have to land somewhere other than their base. Arcee asks who the "boyfriend" is, which Bulky puts as being part of the Wreckers war unit back on Cybertron. However, Starscream intercepts this message and suggests to use Makeshift to fool the Autobots.

As Wheeljack is arriving at the landing zone the kids contemplate over what he will do. Optimus explains that the 'bots will bridge him there in case the Decepticons are tracking him. A group of Eradicons attack Jackie's ship in which they crash from blaster fire. Wheeljack fights back when they are all on the ground and proving himself from the Wreckers. Most of the way through the battle, Starscream orders Makeshift to be put in before the Autobots come. When the 'bots bridge through they see "Wheeljack" stab the last conscious con, which Bulky says that he taught him that. As a con is trying to get back in the fight, Arcee explains to 'Jackie that he missed one, which he kills. Bulkhead is still really happy to see him which he picks him up for that. When they get through the Ground Bridge, it shorts out which Ratchet puts it into shutdown and defragments it. Bulky introduces 'Jackie to Miko which he wonders if she is keeping him out of trouble. When he meets Optimus, he explains that he has been bouncing around the galaxy searching for friend or foe. Bulkhead suggests getting the party started, in which Ratchet replies he is in a state of "joy". Starscream explains to Soundwave that they lost Makeshift's tracking signal when he went through the Ground Bridge, but reassures him that he has complete faith in him. Starscream explains that he is the true leader of the Decepticons and his plan for the death of Optimus to the real, imprisoned Wheeljack.

The party is going strong with Bulkhead and Wheeljack playing a game called Lobbing. What it is is you lob a hunk of metal to the other lobber and try to either get accuracy, range, or power out of it. Miko wants Raf do dance, so he does the all famous Robot. Eventually Bumblebee catches on and so Raf and a robot... do the Robot. Jack asks where Optimus is in which Arcee explains that Primes don't party. When Bulkhead throws a lob, Makeshift makes the hunk tip off his fingers which lands near Ratchet and his calibrating equipment. "Wheeljack" gets to talking to Ratchet about the Ground Bridge and asks when it will be operational again, slightly giving away his part of the plan. Ratchet says it will be ready in a few hours or longer. Starscream is continuing to reassure Soundwave about Makeshift being good at disguises. Bulkhead begins telling an old war story that 'Jackie had fought. A good way into the story Bulkhead notices that he is more silent than he usually is. Bulkhead says he has patrol in the morning, Makeshift tells him that they should go now, revealing more of his part in the plan. Bulkhead suggests telling the gang about the Battle at Dark Mount Pass. "Wheeljack" denies it and says that he is better at telling it, and suggests Miko taking him on a tour of the base. She starts off by asking him a lot of questions. Arcee asks Bulky if he was all right, which he responds there is something about "Wheeljack". Arcee thinks it's rocket-lag or change. Bulky says Wheeljack doesn't change. The real Wheeljack escapes his prison by having the guard shoot the controls for the locks. Miko finishes off the tour by showing him the armory/ammunition magazine. Makeshift asks for the location for the base in which Miko replies that she would have to rip out his Spark chamber for it, but she is kidding him and tells him outside Jasper, Nevada. Ratchet is almost done with the defragmenting while Bulkhead is "done telling" them about the Dark Mount Pass encounter. Bulkhead exclaims to him to tell it. Wheeljack calms down the rest and begins telling it. When he is done telling it, Bulkhead says "Yea, that's exactly how it happened. Except for one little thing, I WASN'T THERE." He goes on to telling him that he had already went for Optimus. At that time Makeshift captured Miko.

He threatens her life and continues telling his plan. Starscream is complaining on how long it is taking Makeshift to open the Ground Bridge. The real Wheeljack suggests that he switched sides. Starscream orders the infiltration team to attack him. Makeshift opens the Ground Bridge which gives the real Wheeljack enough time to enter it and attack the clone. 'Screamer orders the team to enter it, but it closes as they are about in. Wheeljack begins the "Fight yourself" tournament, in which Bulkhead wants to join, but the real one declines the offer. The two start fighting, and the kids lose track of the real one in about 6.5 seconds. As the clone slices a sword out of the real one, the real one punches one out and takes the other sword out of the clone to knock him out. Wheeljack order Ratchet to open the Bridge and throw the other one through. Bulkhead does, but as he picked the clone up, he activated the grenade he had on his waist so it would blow up on the other side. When 'screamer almost gets the location of the base out of him, he notices the grenade, and retreats as it kills the strike team. The kids and Bee party with Ratchet being in his "joy-filled" mood. Bulkhead suggests find an altmode for Wheeljack, but he denies it as he is wanting to know what is out there. Wheeljack asks Bulkhead if he wants to come, but he wants to stay


"Yeah, I'm still picking shrapnel out of my backside." "Can't say I'm surprised, given the size of your backside." -Bulkhead and Arcee.

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