Comrade is the fourth episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on September 20, 2002 on Cartoon Network.



The Autobots race to the Grand Canyon to find a new Mini-Con, but struggle with the superior numbers of the Decepticons.


At the Autobot base, sirens alert the Autobots and their lovable human pals that a new Mini-Con panel has been activated. Hot Shot eagerly is willing to head directly to the area, but first, Alexis plugs her personal computer into the Autobot mainframe, and Sureshock manages to pinpoint the Mini-Con's location to where Carlos recognizes as being Big Canyon. The three Autobots, humans, and their Mini-Cons head out to claim the new panel, but first, Carlos and Alexis receive their new Autobot jump-suits that are easy for passing traffic to see at night. Rad is almost left behind, but eventually gets his own suit and catches up. Rad worries about how the Autobots intend to get to Big Canyon quickly despite it being MILES away. Alexis suggests Rad just relax when Optimus startles the kids by informing them that the Autobots plan to warp to their destination. After the group arrives, Carlos decides to travel with his amigo Red Alert. Alexis hops into Hot Shot, and Optimus carries the Mini-Cons. This leaves Rad all on his own, and friendless. On the moon, Megatron reasserts the Decepticon's objective of obtaining all the Mini-Cons. Starscream claims that Megatron's great leadership will be key to the Decepticon's success. After breaking up a squabble between Cyclonus and Starscream over who has dibs on the next discovered Mini-Con, Megatron has a hearty and evil laugh. Back on Earth, Rad laments his lack of company. Eventually Alexis and Hot Shot return to pick him up. Alexis apologizes for forgetting Rad, she just became immersed in riding on Hot Shot, who really impressed her with his speed. Once Rad's inside, Hot Shot accelerates over rough terrain, causing severe discomfort to his human occupants who find him too rough. Rather than take care to be more gentle, Hot Shot torments the kids by going even faster. Carlos meanwhile enjoys off-roading with Red Alert, but eventually Red Alert decides to stop having fun and retires his personality. Red Alert and Carlos continue on foot. Hot Shot deploys his car mode's claws and stops suddenly, inches away from driving directly into a massive crevice. Hot Shot requests the Mini-Con's co-ordinates, but as Rad is ignorant of them, Laserbeak is deployed to relay visual data. Hot Shot apologizes for his aggressive driving, and Alexis mocks Rad's total lack of manliness. The three follow Laserbeak together. On the way, Alexis advises Rad that even if he has a low threat tolerance, he shouldn't let the Decepticons see his utter fear. Soon they discover an irregular rock formation that must signify the Mini-Con's location. Red Alert and Carlos, lost, continue to bicker. On the moon, Megatron detects the Mini-Con panel, and sends Demolishor and Cyclonus to retrieve it. Starscream notices that despite his earlier praise of Megatron, he is forgotten. Cyclonus arrives on Earth and attacks Hot Shot. Demolishor attacks Red Alert. Optimus rushes to retrieve the inactive Mini-Con on his own and releases the Street Action Team to aid Red Alert and Hot Shot. With a battle plan formed, Red Alert dramatically turns around and balances to pass Demolishor, who rotates his turret and opens fire. Red Alert turns around again and tries using his grappling line to pass Demolishor once more, but Demolishor's versatile aiming knocks the car off the rock face. Red Alert falls upside-down upon Demolishor and manages to continue on his course. Cyclonus fires at the surrounding terrain to box Hot Shot in with rubble. Alexis and Rad abandon their friend. They see the three Mini-Cons Prime sent to support the Autobots and use them to ride to safety. Prime finds the rock face with the Mini-Con panel embedded in it, when Megatron enters the battle and quickly opens fire while gloating about how inevitable the Decepticon's conquest is, but Optimus rebukes with "That's what you think!" Megatron unveils his own Mini-Con, when Starscream arrives to prove himself against Prime, despite having no orders from Megatron. Rad's yell of concern inspires the Street Action Team to combine into Perceptor, who manages to briefly disable both Starscream and Megatron. With the Decepticons distracted, the Mini-Con panel activates, and, to Optimus Prime's (and possibly the fandom's) disbelief, it happens to be none other than his old partner Sparkplug. Prime engages his Super Mode and uses Sparkplug's power to knock Megatron and Starscream away with his Maximum Blast. The four Decepticons promptly teleport back to their base. With the Decepticon threat gone, the kids and their Mini-Cons help free Hot Shot and Rad gives a voice over about the power of Optimus and Sparkplug's teamwork. At the Decepticons' base on the Moon, Demolishor reports that, as per Megatron's instruction he disciplined Starscream. Megatron explains to his lackey that he is using a harsh punishment against Starscream to set an example to the other Decepticons to stay in line. He then laments the Autobots' victory.


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Original airdate: September 21st, 2002 (North America) Written by: Akira Okeya (桶谷顕, Okeya Akira) Directed by: Shigeki Hatakeyama (畠山茂樹, Hatakeyama Shigeki) Mini-Con found: Sparkplug Hungarian title: Fegyvertárs ("Fellow in Arms")


"Uh, hey! Hold on, you guys!"
"So, uh, what's the problem?"
"My suit itches too, but you'll get used to it."

Rad, Carlos and Alexis.

"Uh... guys? ... Guys?!? ... ANYBODY?"

Rad, after everybody ditches him.

"Hot Rod is an amazing vehicle. And once I was inside, the speed! The power! *sigh* I guess I got carried away..."

Alexis, who perhaps needs to tell us something...

"You humans sure are a fearless species!"

Red Alert is learning about humanity's love for thrills

Alexis: "Ahhh!"
Rad: "Uggghhh! Are you sure this is the right car for the job?"
Alexis: "This road is a little bumpy!"
Rad: "My teeth are are rattling so much they're gonna bounce right out of my head!"
Alexis: "Stop talking or else you'll bite your tongue!"
Rad: "OW! I just did!"
Hot Shot: "What's the problem? I haven't even taken out of first gear yet."
Alexis: "You mean you can go faster?!?"
Rad: "I feel a whole lot safer on my BMX!"
Alexis: "I can't find the brake pedals!"
Rad: "You mean there's no way to stop?!?"
Hot Shot: "I'm really gonna open up now! Hold on!"
Alexis: "How can we go any faster than this?"
Rad: "Why did I ever come along to this crazy ride?!?"

Alexis, Rad and Hot Shot.

Optimus Prime: "The Mini-Con has been activated!"
(The Mini-Con is Sparkplug, named Leader-1 as an error for this episode)
Optimus Prime: "I don't believe it! It's my partner Mini-Con!"
(The Mini-Con 'speaks')
Optimus Prime: (To Sparkplug) "Well my old friend... I could use your help. Are you ready for some action?"

Optimus Prime & Sparkplug are reunited

"This is all your fault, Starscream..."

—Starscream gets the blame after Megatron's defeat at the hands of Optimus Prime and his Maximum Blast.

Other Notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • "Big Canyon" is possibly an "Engrish" translation of Grand Canyon.
  • Before launching in the warp gate, Optimus says "You two better strap yourselves in", despite all three kids entering his cabin.
  • When describing how amazing Hot Shot's abilities are, she calls him Hot Rod. Hot Rod is Hot Shot's Japanese name, and also a prominent Generation One character with whom Hot Shot shares several traits.
  • Optimus Prime refers to his Mini-Con as Leader-1, which is the name of Megatron's Mini-Con. This mistake is repeated in Rad's closing narration.

Continuity errors

  • Megatron states that Optimus didn't know he had a Mini-Con, despite him showing off Leader-1 in the previous episode.
  • On a related note, Megatron is able to use his powered-up cannon without being forced backwards in this episode, but in the previous one, he was forced backwards so fast that he fell over. This might be just Megs having more practice, though.

Transformers references

Real-world references

  • Optimus Prime's line "Engage the warp drive!" may be a reference to Star Trek.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This episode marks the first time the Autobots use the warp gate facility to quickly travel from their base to a distant location.
  • When the kids get inside Optimus' cabin, Carlos appears to sit on an armrest and does not put on a seatbelt.
  • When Red Alert transforms into robot mode, it is the same stock animation seen in the climax of the second episode.
  • Hot Shot reveals in this episode that he does not run on gasoline, but fuel cells. He also notes that he has a backup cell in his trunk.
  • This episode marks the first in the relatively few times we see Optimus Prime and Megatron's flashy stock transformation sequences.
  • Megatron's line "You have no way to stop us" was used in the Toonami commercial for the Armada series, which was aired before the series premiere. This commercial was also narrated by Generation One Optimus Prime voice actor Peter Cullen.








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