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Computron is the combination of the five Autobot Technobots. Typically, the combiner process dulls the wits of the individual transformers, however, such is not the case for Computron. The Technobots managed to remedy that problem, but in the process, severely lagged Computron's reaction time. Before coming to any decision, Computron must analyze every individual Technobot's interpretation of what action Computron should follow, resulting in his falling behind in battle. In the end, he always makes the correct choice, but more often than not it's too little, too late. Thanks for nothing, brainiac!

Computron is comprised of:

Japanese name: Computicon



Marvel Comics continuity

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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The Terrorcons and the Decepticon Horrorcons Apeface and Snapdragon were busy "terrorizing" a Nebulan city when the Technobots arrived together with Brainstorm and Hardhead to save the day. Computron performed his main function by battling Abominus. Love and Steel!

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Bert Kramer (US), Yoku Shioya (Japan)

"Probability of having been created by Grimlock, 33.635—"
"Me Grimlock make big geek! End of story!"

After Grimlock created the Technobots from parts within Unicron's head, he revealed that they had the ability to combine to form Computron to counter the new Decepticon combiner Abominus. Computron stated that his computation capacity was near infinite, but he lacked the knowledge to use this capacity. Grimlock then transferred his anti-electron-endowed super-intelligence to the combiner via a silly helmet. Computron then proceeded to beat the slag out of Abominus. Grimlock's New Brain

He later had a chance for a rematch with the Decepticon when the Terrorcons were found working with the Quintessons in secret on the terraformed moon of Titan. He again sent Abominus packing by vibrating violently. Money is Everything

Abominus got Computron back when the Technobots were sent to defend Mark Morgan's laboratory. Almost immediately after combining into Computron, Abominus declared that the Autobot 'think too much' and blasted him. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1


Chances of finding pants off the rack that fit: 0.003%

Generation One

  • Computron (1987)
Japanese ID number: C-91
Computron is formed out of all five Technobots. As a Scramble City combiner, each smaller Technobot attach as limbs into the central body, Scattershot. He is completed by attaching fists, feet, a large chestplate, head and is armed with Scattershot's rifle. Like Bruticus, one can leave most of the smaller toys' vehicle mode weapons attached.
As the combining connection points are on Scattershot's knees, it means there is some baggage around Computron's thighs as Scattershot's lower legs are hanging off them. Also, Nosecone is nominally Computron's left leg, but due to Nosecone's combiner connector being set further back than the hole that the foot attaches to, Nosecone makes Computron look like he's always taking a step forward.


  • Computron's standard animation model uses Lightspeed's chest as the combiner's back.
  • Since the Japanese name for the Decepticons is "Destrons", any Destron subgroup names, such as "Combatron" or "Stuntron", also ended with "-tron". The association was further enforced by the presence of the individual TF names Megatron and Galvatron. Thus Computron's name was changed to "Computicon" for the Japanese market, even though "-ticon" was normally used in the English-speaking market as a stock suffix for Decepticon subgroup names. [December, 2007]

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