Comperian is an Autobot combiner in the Generation One continuity family.

Comperian is an Autobot Scramble City-type combiner composed by Transformers from different subgroups.[1]

Comperian is composed of:


Comperion toy

There hasn't been an official release of Comperian, but he can be created with the appropriate toys from the Technobots, Aerialbots, and Protectobots.


  • The name "Comperian" derives from "Computicon + Superion + Guardian". Basically, Takara took two Katakana characters from each name and meshed them into one name— コンピューティコン (Ko-n-pyū-ti-ko-n) + スペリオン (Su-pe-ri-o-n) + ガーディアン (Gā-di-a-n).

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