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And watch the cartoon, too! It's not nearly this pretty, but it gives you time to blink.

Despite the existence of comics, cartoons, and other media intended to advertise Transformers toys, Hasbro has routinely commissioned standard television commercials to promote their current toy lines.

Commercials for Transformers typically use a combination of animation and live-action film featuring the characters/toys in question.

Generation One


And if I had a hammer....

Generation One's stylized and somewhat dated commercials played a huge part in propelling the Transformers brand to household name status (after all, they reached audiences who weren't actively looking for robots.) As the theme song played over many of them, they are also responsible for the jingle's status as a mid-80s icon.

Generation One commercials would commonly start with a short sequence of original cel animation, then cut to two or more boys in the 7 to 10-year-old range playing with the toys. Victor Caroli and another narrator provided voice-overs to describe just how exciting the incredible new toys were. Various show characters narrated some spots, including Optimus Prime, Megatron, Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime, but Caroli and the other guy were usually there at the end to affirm that the toys were "each sold separately". Background music would feature the show's theme song, but often with new lyrics about the toys in question. The lyrics had to stretch to fit the cadence of the song; sometimes they were jammed into a different melody altogether.


Transforms from robot to lawsuit right before your eyes!

The animated segments often featured high-quality art and animation. Some of the 1986 and 1987 animation was combined into a title sequence for "The Rebirth", the final three-part episode of the Generation One cartoon (they contrasted painfully with the lower-quality segments produced by AKOM.) The short length of television commercials meant the animated sections were fast-paced, with characters speaking their lines very rapidly; within the context of the fictional world they portray, this could lead to some hilarious results, such as Jazz taking about 1/4th of a second to decide to become an Action Master. The animated segments would sometimes feature the voice actors from the cartoon; however, some such as Blaster had not been assigned a voice actor yet. Later segments required soundalikes for characters whose voice actors had died (Jazz) or were unavailable (Megatron). These spots were the only American animation produced for dozens of characters from the toyline's later years, and in a few cases, remain their only fictional appearance ever.

Perhaps the most memorable aspect of the commercials featured one of the young actors staring very seriously into the camera, mouthing "Robots in disguise!" as his eyes glowed and/or his face transformed into that of a robot (based on Galvatron or Ultra Magnus.) Variants on the kidmation clip continued throughout Generation One.

Many commercials were reedited into even shorter versions, without the animation segments.



You've got to get up preeeetty early in 1984 to catch Megs with a black head.


Starscream in his Ramjet suit.

  • The Transformers #1.
The very first Transformers commercial was for the then-upcoming first issue from Marvel comics. It begins with fast pan-ins swooping over Cybertron and Earth, and moves on to Transformers fighting, including an early, black-helmeted version of Megatron landing and firing his fusion cannon. Optimus Prime charges out of an explosion cloud, transforms and fires his gun repeatedly, and an image of the first issue cross-fades and spins into view.

  • Transformers
Animation: In the desert, the Seekers strafe Prowl, Sideswipe and Jazz, who transform and fire back; the three jets transform, land, and grapple with the Autobots, while three more Seekers fly past in robot mode. Also features some very early 80s streaking as the toys are shown instantly changing from vehicle to robot.
Narration: almost none, apart from "The Transformers, from Hasbro", by The Other Guy. The one who's not Victor Caroli. The show's season 1 theme song plays over most of the commercial.
Kidmation: bowl haircut kid mouths robotic "Robots in disguise!"

  • Optimus Prime
Animation: recycled from the Transformers #1 commercial and the cartoon opening, including animation model Megatron leading his troops, immediately followed by pre-animation model Megatron landing. Whoops!
Narration: The Other Guy.
Kidmation: Buck-toothed kid mouths robotic "Robots in disguise!"
"Attack the Autobot commander!" Yep, Optimus Prime's name is never actually mentioned in the commercial. Neither was Megatron's.

Soundwave's pink phase didn't last long.

  • Soundwave


Homeland security falls to a kid on a Big Wheel. You know, it must be said that NSA really is failing here.

  • Mini-Spies
Animation: a Mini-Spy enters Autobot Headquarters and starts messing with the computer; Huffer and Cliffjumper check his faction symbol. It's a Decepticon! After him!
Narration: unknown.
Kidmation: kid points urgently at the camera: "It's an Autobot!"

Advertising a Coleco-made Big Wheel.
Animation: Recycled from the first Transformers commercial, including black helmet Megatron, and some cuts between the live-action and animated footage that has the kid blasting some Autobots. Oops.
Narration: some wussy dude.


  • Jetfire and Shockwave.
Animation: Jetfire (with a toy-based animation model) steps out of a mountain and takes on the Decepticon jets; Shockwave transforms halfway and fires, then transforms the rest of the way and fires again.
Narration: an incredibly mellow Victor Caroli.
Kidmation: a buck-toothed kid mouths the robotic "Robots in disguise!"

  • Dinobots.
Animation: Amid a raging thunderstorm on Earth, Grimlock, Slag and Sludge take on Soundwave, Ravage and Laserbeak.
Narration: the other guy.
Kidmation: buck-toothed kid with freaky glowing green eyes mouths robotic "Robots In Disguise!"
* Dinobots - a re-soundtracked version of the previous commercial, with the Transformers theme song, Victor Caroli narrating, and the non-glowing-eyes kid.
None of the Dinobots' names were mentioned.

  • Insecticons plus Swoop.
Animation: a horde of Insecticons attacks a farm.
Narration: the other guy.
Kidmation: glowing green eyes kid.

  • Constructicons/Devastator.
Animation: The Constructicons, working on a building site in the desert, suddenly transform and combine. Devastator touches his fists together over his head and is enveloped with energy.
Narration: Megatron, the other guy.
Kidmation: kid's face fold-morphs into an Ultra Magnus-like generic robot's.
"It's Devastator — 6 Constructicons in 1!"

  • Jumpstarters
Animation: None whatsoever.
In the world of the Transformers, no Autobots can jump into battle faster than the Jumpstarters!

  • Autobot cars.
Animation: As Optimus Prime and Jazz fight a battle, Smokescreen, Tracks, Hoist, Inferno, Red Alert and Grapple drive up and transform, prompting Megatron to summon Thrust and Dirge.
Narration: unknown.
Kidmation: Beatles haircut kid mouths robotic "Robots in diguise!"

  • Triple Changers and Perceptor.
Animation: the Autobot blast a trestle out from under train-mode Astrotrain, who transforms and flies away; Perceptor examines some debris.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Kidmation: Kid face to generic Magnus face.


"Hey Soundwave, check out this new radio I found!" (actual dialogue)

  • Blaster.
Animation: Rumble merrily walks into a Decepticon base carrying Blaster in boom box mode; Soundwave tries to warn Rumble but is too late as Blaster transforms, prompting Soundwave to send Laserbeak and Ravage at him.
Narration: the other guy.
Kidmation: glowing green eyes kid.
Not a working radio!

  • Omega Supreme.
Animation: in the desert, Starscream and Thrust attack the new Autobot defense base, not realizing it's Omega Supreme. Omega transforms and attacks. Includes Transformers: The Movie springer at the end.
Narration: Optimus Prime.
"It's the Autobot defense base!" "But where are the Autobots?"

  • Prime time spot
Alex Karras calmly promotes the virtues of Perceptor (a working microscope!) and urges you to shop now if you want one for your kid for Christmas.

Frank Welker and Peter Cullen team up to distinguish real Transformers from bootlegs and other brands such as Tonka GoBots. This made all the poor kids whose parents bought them Go-Bots cry.
Megatron: "We are conquerors."
Optimus Prime: " No one is like us."
Megatron: Only we have the right to be called by the name."
Optimus: Only we have the right to wear this symbol..."
Megatron: "or THIS symbol."
Optimus: "Only WE are Autobots and Decepticons."
Megatron: "And only WE are..."
Chorus:the Transformers!
Victor Carolli: "Only the Transformers are REAL Transformers!"

  • Tyco Transformers Train Set
Animation: pseudo Autobots and Decepticons fight it out over the transforming train.


  • Transformers: The Movie trailer.
Animation: clips from the movie, starting with the Autobot shuttle launching and the Sharkticon guard pulling the feed-them-to-the-Sharkticon lever. "The Touch" plays across the first half, then Lion's rendition of the theme song.
Narration: Victor Caroli introduces the characters and expounds on how great the movie is.
Hold on tight. The most incredible rock and roll adventure ever is here!
* Numerous shorter versions aired as well. ("Two Years in the making, unlike anything seen on television...") Later versions often ended with a countdown to the movie's opening date ("Opens in five days!" or "Now playing!").

  • Hot Rod, Kup, and Blurr; Cyclonus and Scourge; and Rrrrrodimus Prime.
Animation: a running battle with each character charging in as the narrator identifies him.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Kidmation: kid face to Galvatron face.
No one can take on the Decepticons like Rrrrrodimus Prime!
I'm shpoiling for a fight!

  • Ultra Magnus.
Animation: With Optimus on Cybertron, it's up to Ultra Magnus! Magnus loads up some 'bots in Autobot City, then rolls out into the desert to fight the Decepticons, plowing through the Combaticons en route.
Narration: Optimus Prime; Victor Caroli (each sold separately.)
Kidmation: kid face to generic Magnus face.

  • Ultra Magnus and Galvatron.
Animation: Magnus and Galvatron, along with others, do battle on a highway. Starscream and Skywarp can be glimpsed flying into battle alongside Galvatron!
Narration: Optimus Prime and Megatron.
Kidmation: kid face to Galvatron face.
Includes tail-end ad for The Transformers: The Movie, narrator unknown. Does Prime die?!


It sorta happened like this in the movie. A little.

  • Springer and Wreck-Gar.
Animation: Draws heavily from The Transformers: The Movie. Springer's shuttle is destroyed by the Decepticon mothership; he flies to the surface of Junkion and battles Wreck-Gar and another Junkion. Wreck-Gar's voice is nearly the same as Megatron's.
Narration: Optimus Prime describes Springer; Megatron gleefully describes Wreck-Gar as though he were a Decepticon; Victor Caroli (each sold separately.)
Kidmation: kid face to generic Magnus face.

  • Sharkticons, Kup, Hot Rod and Wheelie.
Animation: like the previous commercial, heavily based on the movie. Hot Rod and Kup battle a group of Sharkticons, and Wheelie (sounding like Scrappy Doo) arrives to help.
Narration: Prime and Megatron; Victor Caroli (sold separately).
Kidmation: kid face to Galvatron face.
Autobots never faced an evil force worse as the terror of - the Sharkticons! (??)

  • Aerialbots and Stunticons.
Animation: the two teams both arrive in the desert and transform; both combine, and Superion bashes Menasor into a cliff. Menasor's legs are on backwards.
Narration: Optimus and Megatron.
Kidmation: kid face to generic Magnus face.
"Only the Stunticons!" ...only the Stunticons what?

  • Combaticons/Bruticus and Metroplex.
Animation: the Combaticons fly through a canyon, combine, and attack Metroplex, who transforms to his enormous robot mode and fires at them.
Narration: Megatron, Optimus Prime; Victor Caroli (from Hasbro.)
Kidmation: kid face to Galvatron face.
"But the Combaticons can combine to form Bruticus!"

  • Protectobots/Defensor and Trypticon.
Animation: The Protectobots drive down a road towards the Decepticons' massive new base, transform and attack. At Astrotrain's command, the base transforms into battle station mode; the Protectobots become Defensor and fire back. Trypticon changes to dinosaur mode and blasts fire-breath at Defensor.
Narration: Megatron and Optimus Prime; Victor Caroli (batteries not included.)
Kidmation: kid face to Galvatron face.
Two kids playing with the toys are very affected by the sight of toy Trypticon knocking over Defensor.

  • Predacons.
Animation: the Predacons charge in to counter the Dinobots.
Narration: Megatron; Victor Caroli (each sold separately.)
Kidmation: kid face to generic Magnus face.
"Few Decepticons can stand up to the Dinobots, but the Predacons can!"

  • Sky Lynx.
Animation: Sky Lynx swoops in to save the Dinobots from Predaking.
Narration: Optimus Prime; Victor Caroli (batteries not included.)
Kidmation: kid face to generic Magnus face.

  • Triple Changers - Sandstorm, Broadside and Octane.
Animation: Blitzwing and Astrotrain attack Powerglide and Warpath; Sandstorm and Broadside change repeatedly as they travel over land and water.
Narration: Victor Caroli.
Kidmation: kid face to generic Magnus face.
Autobot - triple changers battling - the triple changers of - the Decepticons!

Patches g1

Spike, if you don't put the patch on your skin, you won't get the nicotine.


This socially awkward scene could be all yours!

  • Battlechargers.
Animation: Amid a field of erupting volcanoes, Ultra Magnus and a team of Autobots march forward in lock-step, prompting Runabout to drive off a cliff, transform and fire.
Narration: Megatron; Victor Caroli (each sold separately.)
Kidmation: kid face to Galvatron face. The toy portion also features repeated cuts of a kid's head/eyes following the rolling Battle Charger toys.
Nobody jumps into action - faster than - Battlechargers!

Animation: Jazz and Cosmos shine their headlights to reveal that a group of humans are wearing Transformers reflective patches, thus gaining entry to the Autobot base.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Kidmation: kid face to generic Magnus face; also, a kid saying "Robots in Disguise" through the Voice Changer.
You could win a party with life-sized Transformers!


Many of the live-action segments for the 1987 toy commercials showed kids playing with the toys in a rocky, doom-laden environment, replete with constant flashes of lightning illuminating the toys. It is possible this is meant to be Nebulos, given the way that planet is portrayed in the animated segments.


"Research that planet, Magnus! We've got to find them! With their help we can defeat the Decepticons!" Keep hoping, Rodimus. Keep hoping.

Highbrow animated

Headmaster Highbrow

  • Headmasters.
Animation: The Headmaster Nebulans climb into their respective partners, who are parked in vehicle mode; they roll out and clash with the Headmaster Decepticons.
Narration: Rodimus and Ultra Magnus narrate. (well, Rodimus actually spews out a series of basically incomprehensible lines.)
Kidmation: a kid leaps and flips, turning into a stop-motion version of Ultra Magnus's toys.
Head. MasterTransformers—more muchmore than meets the eyes! [sic]
Horroricons animated

Apeface and Snapdragon

  • Decepticon Headmasters.
Animation: At the secret base of the Headmaster Decepticons, the "trainers" are putting Skullcruncher, Weirdwolf and Mindwipe through their paces, having them jump through hoops and smash through rock statues of the Autobot Headmasters. Yes, the "trainer" concept actually made it into animation. They even carry whips!
Narration: Galvatron, Victor Caroli
Kidmation: kid to stop-motion Magnus toy.
Nothing's better than going into battle with these Transformers!

  • Headmaster Horrorcons.
Animation: Apeface and Snapdragon fly into a canyon and transform to robot mode, then change to beast mode and charge, spewing fire and swinging rocks around.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Kidmation: extreme closeup of a kid's eye, with a camera pull-out emerging from the pupil.
The jaws of the beast become the pilot of the plane, and the pilot of the plane becomes the head of the robot!

  • Targetmasters
Animation: live-action set of a rocky planet explodes. Cel: on Cybertron(?), Sureshot gets strafed by Triggerhappy, who transforms; the two grapple, and their guns do the same. Crosshairs drives forward; he and Pinpointer transform and run, then both get tackled by Misfire and Aimless.
Narration: Galvatron, Ultra Magnus, Victor Caroli
Kidmation: Kid flips and becomes stop-motion Ultra Magnus toy.
Two Trans-for-mers, all in one! The vehicle transforms and so does the gun!

  • Six Shot.
Animation: Rodimus and Galvatron lead their teams in battle; Six Shot attacks and runs through his various modes, as Galvatron describes them and Cyclonus counts them off.
Narration: Victor Caroli.
Galvatron; "Six Shot is the most powerful Decepticon of all; he has 6 transformations! 1, A jet fighter!, 2, he's a laser-powered car!, 3, he's a Wheeled Wolf!, 4, a Tank!, 5!, a Laser Pistol!, 6, a Robot!"
The most challenging Transformer of them all!


Hi-Tech Sentai Nerdranger

Computron animated

Revenge of the nerds!

  • Technobots/Computron and Scorponok.
Animation: Galvatron runs down a ramp as Scorponok transforms from base to scorpion to repulse the Technobots; the Technobots combine, and get hit with a rock thrown by Scorponok.
Narration: Galvatron, Victor Caroli
And now it's a beast with capture claws and a trainer who becomes... the HEAD of its robot!

  • Technobots and Terrorcons.
Animation: the two teams battle on Earth, while Rodimus and Magnus narrate. Includes Decoy ending.
Narration: Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime, Victor Caroli
Kidmation: Kid to stop-motion Ultra Magnus.
"Those hi-tech heroes are in for one horrific battle!"

  • Punch/Counterpunch and Clones.
Animation: Punch informs Rodimus that he can trust him, transforms to car mode, rolls out of the base and promptly transforms to Counterpunch and tells the waiting Galvatron that he can trust him. The Decepticon clones run through a rocky landscape in perfect step and open fire on the Autobot clones, then both groups transform. Includes Decoy ending.
Narration: Victor Caroli.
Kidmation: Kid to stop-motion Ultra Magnus.

  • The Monsterbots.
Animation: Blurr and Rodimus Prime arrive; Kup tells them that there's been an accident, and the new Autobots are monsters! The Monsterbots trash a lab, then burst through a wall and fight some Decepticons.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Kidmation: Kid to stop-motion Ultra Magnus.
"The new Autobots are Monsterbots!"


I think pulling my head off is a pretty good idear.


Brainstorm was actually pretty happy to get rid of his bizarre zombie vampire head.

  • Duocons/Throttlebots.
Animation: Flywheels’s jet portion swoops down out of the sky and links up with his tank, transforming to robot mode before being jumped on by Rodimus Prime. That jet is going to crash into that tank!
Narration: Galvatron, Victor Caroli
Kidmation: Kid to stop-motion Ultra Magnus.
They think they’re twice as tough as any Autobot - and MAYBE THEY ARE.

  • Fortress Maximus. "FOR-TRESS MAX-I-MUHUUUS!"
Animation: Fortress Maximus transforms to base mode and blows away the Terrorcons, who combine and attack him.
Narration: Victor Caroli, Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus.

Animation: The post-Movie Autobots and Decepticons shoot it out on Cybertron -- Galvatron and Scourge fire on Blurr and Rodimus; Springer grapples with Soundwave; Ultra Magnus... stands there. Two teams "blast" their way to Nebulos. The Autobots detach their heads, which are replaced by "the intelligent Nebulons". The Decepticons do the same. Scorponok and Fortress Maximus slug it out; the Targetmasters charge at each other and transform. Features completely random, made-up heads for the pre-Headmaster robots.
Narration: Victor Caroli.


Many of the 1988 commercials began with a still shot of several animation frames, arranged as if in a comic book. The camera would zoom in on one as the animation began.

  • Pretenders
Animation: The Autobot Headmasters and Decepticons battle, then the three Autobot Pretenders are created (nekkid!). Dreadwind and Darkwing attack and the armored Pretenders split to reveal their robots, forcing the Decepticons to flee. The Decepticon Pretenders burst through the wall and both groups split.
* Pretenders.
Animation: The Autobot Pretenders splitting, re-used from the above commercial.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Kidmation: A bizarre segment of kids proclaiming what they "are" {"I’m a video gamer!" "I’m a skateboarder!"), only for the skateboarder to split Pretender-style, revealing a generic CGI robot who announces "I’m a Transformer!"
Dec powermaster animated

Decepticon Powermasters

Slapdash animated

Autobot Powermaster Slapdash


Why are you here, again?

  • Powermasters
Animation: amid desert canyons, the various Powermaster partners transform to engine form and combine with their partners, including Optimus Prime transforming his trailer to base mode.
Hiq animated


Narration: Victor Caroli
Includes tail-end ads spot for the relevant Marvel Comics issue.
Their engine’s the key that unlocks their Transformer en-er-geeee!

  • Pretenders
Includes tail-end spot for the relevant Marvel Comics issue.
After a series of startling defeats at the hands of the Decepticons...

Truck? What truck?

  • Powermaster toys
Animation: Dreadwind and Darkwing chase Getaway and Slapdash around the rim of a crater.
Powermaster op animated

Powermaster Optimus Prime with Hiq in truck mode

Powermaster op animated2

Powermaster Optimus Prime

  • Powermaster Optimus Prime
Animation: Recycled footage of Prime transforming from the Powermasters commercial; Powermaster Optimus Prime firing Quickswitch.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Kidmation: A kid's crackles with energy, which surrounds and replaces his head with very, and we mean very, crude CGI Optimus Prime head.
POW-er-master Optimus Prime! Greatest hero of his time! ("It's great to be back!")
* Powermaster Optimus Prime - edited down from the previous commercial.

  • Powermaster Prime and Doubledealer
Animation: Footage of Prime reused from other commercials featuring him, then a new segment with Doubledealer in robot mode standing with Prime. Doubledealer transforms to vehicle mode, then Skar flies out of Piranacon’s hand and locks into place, transforming Doubledealer to falcon mode.
Narration: Victor Caroli
"Who’s that new Transformer with Optimus Prime?"

Look at my chest.



  • Small Headmasters
Animation: the small Autobot Headmasters drive on a rocky world and transform; the small Decepticon Headmasters burst through a wall and transform.
Narration: Galvatron, who's obviously never met Fangry, Squeezeplay or Horri-Bull: "Our new Decepticon Headmasters will give us more brainpower than ever!"
Kidmation: a kid flips through the air, converting to a robot and folding up to become the head of a larger (stop motion?) robot.
And when the head enters the robot's body you get a readout of its power!


If it's a Beast War you want...

  • Pretender Beasts/Pretender Vehicles
Animation: Snarler and Chainclaw battle in beast mode… then… are suddenly in their shells… and then come out of their shells…? Gunrunner emerges from his vehicle and transforms to jet mode; Roadgrabber emerges and transforms his vehicle to battle mode, opening fire on the flying Gunrunner.

  • Quickswitch. "It's Quickswitch, Sixshot's son! And he's on our side!"
Animation: in the midst of a moon battle, Getaway spots Quickswitch incoming and mistakes him for a Decepticon, urging the others to destroy him, until someone says he's an Autobot. Quickswitch runs through his modes, beating up Horri-Bull and Snaptrap, then goes to gun mode and lands in Powermaster Optimus Prime's hand.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Kidmation: a kid holding the toy mouths a synthesized "How quick can you all six" [sic], while his head flops around disturbingly.
Determined to make good where his Decepticon father went bad, Quickswitch joins the Autobots!

  • Double Targetmasters
Animation: the small Targetmasters fight it out on a barren world.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Kidmation: kid flips over and turns into a gun for a very crude CGI robot.
Targetmaster Transformers—theeeeeey've got the power to surprise!


Now auditioning for Gamera vs. The Firecons

  • Firecons

  • Triggerbots/Triggercons
Animation: recycled Dreadwind and Darkwing chasing Getaway and Slapdash, from the Powermasters commercial.
Narration: Victor Caroli.
And when the Triggerbots battle the Triggercons, there's no doubt there'll be a real shoot-out! KERRUNCH.


Sadly, Dreamwave never learned that what works in animation doesn't always go over so well as a still image.

  • Seacons
Animation: Beneath the ocean, the Seacons take bites out of a submarine.
Narration: unknown.
Kidmation: a kid leaps over the top of a generic stop-animated robot and transforms into his gun, which he fires.
* Seacons / Sparkabots / Firecons: combined with portions of the Seacon commercial.
* Seacons / Triggerbots / Trigggercons: same as previous.


Animation: A cel spot featuring Prime, Dreadwind and Darkwing, and a stop-motion toy portion featuring a bizarre light and dark gray Scorponok.

  • Micromaster Patrols
"Our new commandos, who go where no one else goes!"

  • Micromaster vehicles and bases.
Animation: Prime opens his palm to reveal a Micromaster city; a horde of Micromasters swarms over an attacking Giant Decepticon Warrior; Red Hot transforms and flies at the camera. Stop-motion spots show a fleet of Micromaster vehicles driving around the combined playsets.
Narration: Victor Caroli
The most incredible "Micro"-s of all! They're not just small; they're Tranzzforrrmerrzzz!
* Micromaster battle stations, edited down from the previous commercial. Narration: Victor Caroli. The only Micros that transform!
* Micromaster transports, edited down from the previous commercial.


Bumblebee, you fool!


Go ahead. Make my day.

Destronsoldier micromasters

"Who's this?" "I dunno." "He's ugly." "Let's kill destroy him!"

  • Micromaster micro bases.
Animation: Bumblebee drags two captured Decepticon vehicles into an Autobot base, only to have them transform and attack.
Narration: Victor Caroli
You can connect them to form whole cities!
* Micromaster micro bases, edited down from the previous commercial. Narration by Victor Caroli.

  • Classic Pretenders.
Animation: As Prime transforms and comes under attack in a nighttime city, the Autobot Pretenders arrive to help out. "Jazz, you're back!"
Narration: Victor Caroli
And the eeeevil Starscream is here too!
* Classic Pretenders, edited down from the previous commercial.

  • Mega and Ultra Pretenders.
Animation: Crossblades and Vroom slowly drift out of their shells and transform; Roadblock's two robot forms both pop out of his vehicle shell and fire.
Narration: Victor Caroli.
Who's more than they pretend to be? Mega Pretender Transformers, Mega Pretenders!
* Mega Pretenders, edited down from the previous commercial. Inside one, there's the other; then they both transform and combine to form another!
* Ultra Pretenders, edited down from the previous commercial.


Decades later, their melting shells let you re-enact this scene.

Animation: Starscream dunks Wildfly, Icepick and Scowl into colorful vats; they and the others emerge as Pretenders and charge at the camera. BEYOND (beyond) anything you've EVER SEEN before: Transformers Monster Pretenders!
Narration: Victor Caroli
Now, the Decepticons have Monster Pretenders. Monster Pretenders with rubbery skin!



"Sure, Prime, I'll give up the alternate mode that I never had."


"Estroy them!" Actual dialogue. We're not making this up.

The Action Master commercials began and ended with a metal fist bursting through a wall, with "ACTION MASTERS" emblazoned across its knuckles. Some of the animation was screened against real-world backgrounds, with poorly animated characters morphing into the real toys.

  • Action Masters.
Animation: inside a base, Prime invites a circle of Autobots to join him.
Narration: Victor Caroli
"Who will give up the power to transform to become stronger faster more alive?" [sic]
Am megatron animated

Action Master Megatron

  • Action Master vehicles—Starscream, Prowl, and Overrun.
Animation: a short battle sequence (on Cybertron?) with the three featured characters.
Narration: Victor Caroli
And look! The Action Master vehicles transform into powerful battle stations!
Am prime animated

Action Master Optimus Prime

  • Action Master vehicles—Wheeljack, Sprocket, and Gutcruncher.
Animation: Gutcruncher takes to the sky in the Stratojet; Wheeljack and Sprocket drive out of a tunnel.
Narration: Victor Caroli
"Estroy them!" [again, sic]
* Action Master vehicles— edited down from the previous commercial.

Micromasters melt in your mouth, not in your hand.


Hey, daddy-o, where's the drive thru at?

  • Hot Rod Patrol and Construction Patrol.
Animation: Cel: Jazz and Prime pick up the Hot Rod Patrol and examine them. Stop-motion toys: The Construction Patrol destroys a bridge, making Scorponok fall into a ravine. Rawr!
Narration: Victor Caroli
* Hot Rod Patrol / Construction Patrol—abbreviated (and accelerated) version of the previous commercial. Neil Ross jibbers his lines at hilariously high speed: "Micromasterconstructionpatroldestroythebridge!"

  • Micromaster Combiners/Combiner Transports.
Animation: Megatron grabs at a couple of combiner vehicles (Roadburner/Wheel Blaze and Missile Master/Moonrock), only to have them split apart, reconnect, and shoot him in the face. Cement Head and Terror Tread, along with their transport, transform from vehicle to robot/base. A rather wussy Frank Welker soundalike voices Megatron; Roadburner somehow fires a laser from the short end of his cherry picker crane.
Narration: Victor Caroli
* Micromaster Combiners—edited down from the previous commercial.

Generation 2

Advertisements for Generation 2 were totally hip to what the hep cats were digging. First they started with a more theatrical, orchestrated version of the original theme song. But that background-music-singing jive was totally bogus, so it was replaced by the "rap music" that all the kids listen to these days. Cel animation was so five minutes ago; these commercials used graphical images made with a hi-tek com-pu-tor. (To be fair, the CGI quality rapidly improved as Generation 2 's run continued, with some of the later ones being modestly impressive for their time.)


Animation: Prime drives down a road and transforms; Ramjet swoops down and transforms, then runs and fires. Prime and Ramjet shoot each other and grapple; Prime sends Ramjet flying. There are 2 moons in the sky.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Going ballistic to destroy the Autobots and conquer mankind, Ramjet IS an eevil Decepticon!"

  • Optimus Prime.
Animation: Highway/vs. Ramjet, recycled from the Generation 2 comics commercial.
Narration: Victor Caroli
And when Optimus Prime talks... "I AM OPTIMUS PRIME!" ...the Decepticons will run for cover!
* Optimus Prime: Edited from the previous commercial.

  • Color Changers.
Animation: Deluge (Decepticon) drives down a race track; Drench pops up in robot mode to attack him; Deluge transforms and fires back.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Blast 'em with hot water to create disturbing imagery find out whose side they're on!
* Color Changers: Edited down from the previous commercial.

  • Megatron.
Animation: Prime drives and transforms, but something targets his head with a computer readout. Megatron rolls up, transforms and fires, tackling Prime.
Toy segment: Megatron completely trashes a poor Optimus Prime toy, knocking him down a hill, rolling over him in tank mode, etc. Then he transforms and blasts Prime who is standing on an high-rise edge.
Narration: Victor Caroli, basically saying that Prime sucks and Megatron can kick his ass.
Listen to the voice of DOOM! "MEGATRON ATTACK" [sic]
* Megatron: Edited from the previous commercial.

  • Jets Vs. cars (Starscream, Ramjet, Inferno, Jazz, Sideswipe.)
Animation: Starscream and Ramjet fly over rocky desert; Ramjet transforms and lands. Jazz drives through a roller coaster city highway and transforms.
Narration: Victor Caroli
Inferno's water cannon is rainin' pain!
* Jets and cars. Edited from the previous commercial.

  • Constructicons Vs. Dinobots.
Animation: The Constructicons drive at the camera, scraping and tearing up the ground, Bonecrusher transforms into a very off-model robot mode and smashes an electrical box. Devastator smashes the ground, but the three Dinobots emerge from a fissure and attack. Dino-mode Grimlock grabs Devastator by the leg and throws him aside.
Narration: Victor Caroli
They'll blast those Decepticons into extinction!
* Dinobots. Edited from the previous commercial.
* Constructions. Edited from the previous commercial.


  • Aerialbots / Combaticons.
Animation: The Aerialbots soar over a live-action neighborhood; Silverbolt transforms and lands before a hyper-excited kid.

Child: Jet formation!
Silverbolt: Jet Transformation! Superion & Bruticus slug it out in the kid's neighborhood; Superion moves the kid to "safety" 5 feet away. "That was brutal!" "No, that was Bruticus!"

Narration: Victor Caroli (each sold separately)
Sample lyrics: The Combaticons are WARRIN' / Onslaught is ROARIN' / He is one metamorphin' DUDICUS / They all combine / and kick Superion's behind / as the big bad battlin' / BRUTICUS!



  • Rotor Force / Laser Rods.
Animation: At a race track, a live-action kid watches some of the Laser Rods race; Sizzle transforms and punches a pole aside. A moment later, Leadfoot also transforms, and fires a rotor blade.
Narration: Victor Caroli (each sold separately)
Sample lyrics: Flyin' all around / On the air and on the ground / Transformer rotors are SPINNIN'! / They can change before your EYES / into rotor-shootin' GUYS / When they get into a battle they be WINNIN'!
By Primus, did Sizzle kill that kid?

  • Combat Heroes - Optimus Prime & Megatron
Animation: A live-action kid whines about a "battle tank" driving down his suburban street; it changes into Megatron. Fortunately, Prime is parked right behind the kid, and transforms to fight Megatron. "Battle THIS!" A moment later, the kid cheers for truck-mode Prime, only to have a second truck transform into Prime -- "Uh, over here." Includes Peter Cullen voicing Optimus Prime.
Narration: Victor Caroli (each sold separately)
Sample lyrics: It's heavy metal crunchin' time / as Optimus Prime / goes toe-to-toe with Combat Megatron / Prime is one tough dude / underneath his hood / he's a transformin' missile-firin' PHENOMENON!
* Combat Heroes. Edited from the previous commercial.

  • Dreadwing & Smokescreen.
Animation: A kid runs down a city street, fleeing Dreadwing, who strafes the street before transforming to tank mode while Smokescreen flies overhead. On a downtown street, the kid cries for help as Dreadwing and Smokescreen transform to robot mode in front of him ("No one can save you... from mustache-twirling triple-changing Dreadwing!") Electro and Sizzle (yes, the Decepticon) drive up and transform, fighting the pair, but in the end they get picked up and smashed into each other by their foes.
Sample lyrics: DreadWING / is punishIN' / his Gatlin' gun is ILLIN'!
* Dreadwing. Edited from the previous commercial. The evil Dreadwing is a triple-changer!
"Autobots! HELP me!"

  • Cyber Jets.
Narration: Victor Caroli
This commercial is a 15-second version, typically the length of an edited version. To date, no full 30-second version has surfaced online, which is a shame, because it would probably have a rap song.

Beast Wars


Wave 1

  • Basic & Deluxe Beasts
    • First commercial - Basic (Maximals: Optimus Primal/Rattrap/Armordillo/Razorbeast & Predacons: Megatron/Terrorsaur/Tarantulas) & Deluxe (Maximals: Cheetor/Dinobot & Predacons: Waspinator)
Animation: CGI Optimus Primal and Megatron in their original respective bat and crocodile beast modes transform & slug it out in a rumble-in-the-jungle in a swamp.
Toy segment: New MAXIMALS! Dinobot vs. Terrorsaur, Cheetor Vs. Wapinator - "Evil Waspinator, full of venom, changes like never before — from insect to high-tech — and puts the sting on Cheetor! But treacherous Tarantula mutates and counter-attacks!" Includes tail-end segment for... "And when you buy the Maximal-Predacon 2-pack (Note: It should actually be versus pack because just saying 2-pack sounds like it could cause confusion), you get a free Beast Wars comic book!"
Narration: Victor Caroli
"In the beginning, came the beasts, and all that creeps, crawls and flies... But nature lies - they're robots in disguise!"
  • Second commercial - Cheetor Vs. Waspinator - edited from the previous commercial.
    Under the skin... lurks a robot within!
  • Final commercial - Dinobot, Waspinator, Tarantulas - edited from the previous, with narration by SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! and cartoon excerpts of Dinobot (shown first) & Waspinator (Both taken from part 1 of the season 1 two-part premier "Beast Wars" changing to robot mode.
    From beast to bot, the action's hot!

A Robot In Disguise with a killer bee inside! (As in Scorponok)

Animation: Cartoon excerpts: Both changing to robot mode in splitscreen (Excerpts from Part 1 of the first season's premier and sped up slightly for this commercial).
Gigantic gorrila Optimus Primal transforms! T-Rex Megatron transforms!
This commercial remained on television even into Beast Wars' third or fourth year, long after production stopped on the toys shown in the commercial.

===1997=== (_Beast Wars_ - continued)

Animation: Cartoon excerpt - Inferno Transforms (From "Spider's Game"). Commercial-exclusive sequence - a crude CGI Cybershark emerges in Beast Mode from a shoreline, Transforms and fires.
New Inferno is evil king of the anthill! With stinger missiles he's the ultimate surprise!

  • Ultra Beasts - Combiners - Magnaboss Vs. Tripredacus
Animation: CGI - Magnaboss clashes with Tripredacus
Toy segment: Prowl, Ironhide & Silverbolt all Transform from beast to bot to Magnaboss, before Tripredacus emerges - a fight between the 2 Ultra-class Combiners begins as a result!
Chorus rally cry: BEAST WARS!!!... SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!: ...Transformers taken to the power of 3! The new heroic Maximal team starts with 3 ferocious Beasts that convert to 3 battle-ready robots and combine to form one gigantic robot, Magnaboss, to battle the the evil robot Tripredacus, a terrifying triple combination! Transformers with 3 times the power! It's the ultimate rumble in the jungle! This triple team (Prowl + Ironhide + Silverbolt) equals one big bot (Magnaboss)! Beast Wars are 3 times as hot!
* Magnaboss Vs. Tripredacus - variant commercial containing a new piece of narrition in place of an existing piece: Transformers to the 3rd power!

  • Mega Beasts - Triple Changers - B'Boom Vs. Transquito
Animation: CGI of both running through all 3 of their modes.
Toy segment: B'Boom battles Transquito with both running through their 3 modes
From beast to bot, the action's 3 times as hot!

===1998=== (_Beast Wars_ - continued)

Animation: An eagle and wolf scream in horrifying agony as they're sucked inexoribly toward their searing, fiery death in a lava pit in reality, they are being fused together off-screen under the lava, which then explodes and beast-mode Silverbolt flies out.
Toy segment: Noble Silverbolt fights evil Aquasting & Sky Shadow in a Deluxe-class 2 vs. 1 battle!
It's 2 mighty beasts fused in 1!
* A variant of this commercial exists, in which the diorama is a plain yellow background by the commercial's end, and all three advertised characters are shown by the end; the rocky diorama featuring only Silverbolt & Injector is, in other words, replaced.


  • Mega - (Megatron Vs. Optimus Primal)
Animation: Cartoon excerpt - Transmetal Megatron transforms to robot mode; Primal flies past camera (From part 2 of "Coming of the Fuzors".
Toy segment: Optimus Primal battles the evil Megatron and knocks over a few tin cans. We see a shot-by-shot transformation of the Maximal leader between modes.
Mechanized, metalized, in disguise, BEAST WARS! Next level - Transmetals! Metalized machines with 3 modes of mean! BEAST WARS: TRANSMETALS!!!

===1999=== (_Beast Wars_ - continued)

Animation: Cartoon excerpts - Rampage switches to extra mode. Depth charge fires his blaster at Rampage's robot mode during a battle scene.
Toy segment: Rampage, then Depth Charge, Transform through their modes in order - Beast > Extra > Robot - Depth Charge fires his grenade launcher straight after switching to Robot Mode, accompanied by a Depth Charge kid yelling "FIRE!!" while shooting the grenades, getting in between narration. How rude and unfair!

Transmetal II

Animation: Commercial-only CGI - Cheetor breaks out of his room, destroying the titles of the toylines - inspired from the second half of Feral Scream.
Toy segment: Evil Dinobot battles the heroic missile-maned feline Cheetor and the newly-Transmetalized Cybershark!
Dinobot II kid: Dinobot's gonna whip your robot!
  • Ultra - Triple Changers - Megatron ("Triple the threat, triple the terror! Terrorize!") vs. Tigerhawk (_"Triple the might, triple the fight!"_)
Animation: Excerpts from Other Victories - Megatron, in his new Transmetal II form, assumes Beast Mode, before excerpts of the episode's fight between Megatron and Tigerhawk are shown.
Toy segment: Megatron and Tigerhawk do Ultra-class battle while we see Megatron go through his three modes in fast-motion with Tigerhawk following suit straight after (Ordinary motion).
  • Without change, there is no victory!

Beast Machines


  • Deluxe - Jetstorm Vs. Optimus Primal
Animation: various cartoon excerpts
Toy segment: Two boys at school fight in the only honorable way—badly transforming Optimus Primal and Jetstorm.
"3:00 at the flag pole." "I'll be there!"

  • Megatron Vs. Supreme Cheetor
Toy segment: Two kids face off in a gymnasium, surrounded by cheering friends. Megatron Kid makes threats to the other kid, who whips out Supreme Cheetor and takes him on in a battle to the finish.

  • Ultra - Nightscream Vs. Jetstorm
Animation: Cartoon excerpts: Nightscream transforming to robot mode ("Forbidden Fruit") and Jetstorm to jet.
Toy segment: Two kids ordering food are informed by the lady behind the counter that there is only one order of fries left, so they decide to fight it out with their Transformers. The "bad" kid grabs and shows Ultra Jetstorm off for viewers' benefit, while the "good" kid transforms his Ultra Nightscream and shoots the Vehicon general/Silverbolt with his disk launcher. Kid Nightscream wins and tells Kid Jetstorm that "Nightscream likes EXTRA ketchup on his fries!" Kid Jetstorm warns him "Don't push it!"
The challenge is in the change!"

Of course we all know that Nightscream hates fries anyway.


  • A brief explanation of the Animorph story, ending with one of the characters saying "Animorphs: Transformers!" Features Jake and Tobias, plus one of the Yeerks. The synthesized "Transformers!" digital voice plays at the end.

Robots In Disguise


Toy segment: Two kids who live next door to each other grab their respective Autobot Super figures and run to each other at full speed - as they run closer to each other, they start Transforming their Super Autobots in preparation for Transforming into Omega Prime; as soon as they touch, they combine! One of the kids had a poster for [[[The Transformers: The Movie|the 1986 Generation 1 movie]] in his room.

  • Deluxe Cars
Toy segment:
"Prowl" just does not sound fearsome or impressive no matter how much you growl when you yell it.

  • Vs. Galvatron
Narration: unknown
Animation: Cartoon excerpts - one of the bullet trains transforms; Galvatron (with a new voice) tells him to "bring it on".
Toy segment: Two kids play with the bullet trains aboard a subway car.

  • Combiners - Landfill Vs. Ruination
Toy segment:



  • Armada cartoon
Toonami ad, made of excerpts from the first three episodes of Armada. Narration by, surprisingly, the very first Optimus Prime actor in history.

Narration: Even Keel
Animation: From a sand background, CGI Sonar emerges from a Mini-Con storage panel. Cartoon excerpt: stock footage - Megatron transforming to robot mode (sped-up effect).
Toy segment: Kids play with the toys in a sandy environment with a sunset background. Woo woo woo woo. "Swindle. Starscream. Missiles away. Power link Mini-Cons for maximum firepower!"
Kidmation: Terrifyingly large-mouthed kids hold the toys and mouth "robots in disguise" while the camera bobs drunkenly.
Newww Transformers Armada. With powerlinking Mini-Con warriors!

  • Megatron Vs. Optimus Prime
Narration: Even Keel
Animation: From a watery background, CGI Grindor emerges from a storage panel. Cartoon excerpt(s): Stock footage - Optimus Prime transforming to robot mode (sped-up)/stock footage - random excerpts of Optimus Prime transforming into Super Mode
Toy segment: Kids play with the toys in a sand-laden diorama environment. That can't be good for Prime's electronic innards.
Kidmation: The large-mouthed kids again, with different toys.

  • Laserbeak, Hot Shot, Demolishor
Narration: Even Keel
Animation: From an ice background, CGI Jolt emerges from a storage panel. Cartoon excerpts: stock footage - Hot Shot engages his robot mode's Mini-Con PowerLinx ability; Demolishor and Cyclonus fire as they run.
Toy segment: Kids play with the toys in a sand-laden diorama environment.
Kidmation: The large-mouthed kids yet again, with different toys.

  • Galvatron Vs. Scavenger & Super Autobots Jetfire & Optimus Prime
Narration: Even Keel
Animation: Cartoon stock footage of Jet Optimus - a shot of Optimus Prime coming down onto the legs (Jetfire)
Toy segment: In what looks like a Santiago Calatrava building, Scavenger takes on Galvatron; Jetfire and Optimus Prime Transform into Jet Optimus to counterattack.
Kidmation: Two kids stand with their toys, back-to-back as if to make a final stand, while mouthing along with "Robots In Disguise!"

  • Blurr, Sideways, Thrust, Sideswipe
Narration: Even Keel
Toy segment: kids play with the toys in some kind of modernist corporate office setting.
Kidmation: Back-to-back for the final stand again, this time against the corporate office's windows.
Another battle for ultimate control! "Blurr attacks!" And Sideways betrays.'

  • Unicron
Toy segment:
Animation: Excerpt from the Generation 1 Movie of Unicron slamming his hand down on Cybertron's surface, accompanied by a newly recorded voice-over proclaiming "The universe is mine!".

  • Playstation 2 Armada game
Starscream: "There's no escape. Soundtrack is "Wishbone" by the band Dropbox, who are actually shown rocking out between excerpts of game footage.
The ultimate conflict begins.


  • Scorponok Vs. Optimus Prime
Narration: unknown, with the cartoon's theme music.
Toy segment: In a sign of the changing times, the sped-up footage of a kid transforming the toys is actually labeled as "fast motion sequence".

  • Starscream, Terrorcons, Deluxe PowerLinx Autobots
Narration: unknown. "Decepticons attack with Hyper Power!" Random kid: It's Starscream & the Terrorcons! Starscream kid: Going somewhere, Autobots? "But the Autobot Combiners fight back!" Random kid: Autobots, POWERLINK! "Create your own PowerLinx combinations with..."
Toy segment: Various kids on viewscreens are rotoscoped into the frame like members of some sinister corporation's executive board. We see Rodimus' PowerLinx with Hot Shot being formed on one viewscreen before we slide through... Kids: [Finishing the narrator's "Create your own PowerLinx combinations with..." narration] Inferno! (+ Prowl)/Hot Shot! (+ Inferno)/Prowl! (+ Rodimus) ("Rodimus!" is announced at the beginning of this PowerLinx roll-call)
Transformers: Energon! EachsoldseparatelyActualchangetimewillvary
The anime's English theme song is used in this commercial.

  • Omega Supreme Vs. Megatron
Narration: unknown
Animation: Cartoon excerpt: Omega flies in space in vehicle mode before stopping in robot mode for a hover.
Kidmation: Two serious-faced kids on a split screen hold up Omega and Megatron, while mouthing along with the hard rock theme song.
"Your weapons are useless against Prince of Space him!"
Narration: unknown
Animation: unknown
Toy segment: unknown


CybAd DarkcrumplezoneEvacDownshift

Somehow more exciting than the TV show.

  • Crumplezone (Dark), Downshift, Evac
Toy segment: A whole little plot plays out in a impressive-looking diorama environment. Dark Crumplezone steals a silver-bordered Earth Cyber Key! He transforms into vehicle mode, uses the Cyber Key Power and races off with the heroic Autobots Downshift and Evac in hot pursuit! Oh noes! Crumplezone shoves Downshift off the cliff-edge road they are racing on. Downshift is transformed and grabs Evac's rescue rope, then blasts Crumplezone into oblivion. The Key is saved!
Notably, Paul Oakenfold's Cybertron theme music is not used.
Ask your parents to take you to!

Live-Action Segment: Kid with Cyber Key running towards and unlocking with the key a door and looking at CGI Optimus Prime who stares at the kid before the kid enters.
Toy Segment: Optimus Prime fights Megatron and Starscream. The heat of the moment explodes Out of the frying pan and in to the Inferno as the featured Decepticons call for their Cyber Key Power and unlock new, powerful weapons. OH NO!!! This is it! Is this CURTAINS for Optimus Prime? Not for long! The Autobot Commander turns the tables with the help of guess what? That's right! CYBER KEY POWER!!! With the Autobots being victorious AGAIN, the score of the battle all comes down to: Optimus Prime: One, Decepticons, Capital ZERO!

2007 live-action movie

The 2007 live-action movie saw a merchandising blitz that surpassed even Generation One's commercial onslaught. Numerous trailers were edited together, and tie-in commercials ranged from Burger King to Chevrolet.


  • Teaser trailer: Premiered 29 June 2006 in front of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. In 2003, the Beagle 2 Mars Rover was launched. Features "blurry footage" from the Mars lander, which is then destroyed by a shadowy robotic figure. It was the only warning we would ever get. Included as a DVD extra.
  • Theatrical trailer #1: Premiered 20 December 2006. "Whatever fell out of the sky ended up right here behind me..." On July 4... Our world... will be TRANSFORMED. Notable for the horrifically grating electronic "music" of the second half. Included as a DVD extra (oddly labeled as Trailer #2.)
  • Theatrical trailer #2: Premiered 8 January 2007. Decepticon-centered trailer. Humanoids of Planet Earth... surrender... or be TRANSFORMED. Includes the horrible scraping electronic non-music.
  • Theatrical trailer #3: Premiered 30 March 2007. They are already here... hiding in plain sight. "You gotta get in the car. Trust me!"
  • Theatrical trailer #4: Premiered 18 May 2007. "Got a little surprise for ya, son." Starts off with various boy-and-his-car clips, then the Autobots arriving to Earth. Most have come to destroy us... some have come to protect us. Additional focus points include Prime transforming in the alley, Sector 7 capturing Bumblebee, and Bonecrusher tackling Prime. "Bring it!!" Included as a DVD extra.

TV spots

  • Hidden: Air date 31 March 2007. They are already here... hiding in plain sight.
  • Destiny: Air date 30 March 2007. "Driver don't pick the car." Some will come to defend us. Most will come to destroy us.
  • ?: Air date 16 May 2007. From Director Michael Bay.. and executive producer Steven Spielberg...
  • Declare: Air date 21 May 2007. They are like nothing we've ever seen... and they've come to take our planet.
  • Vibration: Air date 21 May 2007. They can take any shape... they can hide anywhere.
  • Nickelodeon spot: Air date 29 May 2007. On July 4th... they're teaming up... to transform our world. Focus on Sam and Bumblebee. Has two endings: "Not so tough without a head, are you?" and "If my parents see you they're gonna freak out!"
  • ?: focus on Bonecrusher.
  • Superevent: Air date 24 June 2007. "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!"

TV tie-in commercials

Burger King

  • Optimus Prime walks up to the drive-thru and orders a Whopper, only to be told that he needs a vehicle. He promptly transforms to truck mode, only to be informed that he also needs a driver. "Oh, come on!" Includes tail-end promo for Burger King freebie Transformer toys. Additional tie-ins were available through Burger King's web site.

General Motors

  • Chevy Transform Your Ride Sale
    • In the city, a guy leads his ladyfriend to where his car is parked. Unfortunately, Blackout lands nearby and blasts the car to scrap before stalking off, prompting the guy to shriek like a girl.
    • Optimus Prime comes crashing down onto the street, crushing a man's car. "My bad," he apologizes. "You better believe it's your bad. It's real bad -- my wheels!!"
    • A man hands his ticket to a valet drive, but Megatron comes soaring out of the sky and crushes the man's SUV under his foot and throwing vehicles aside. "Wow! Look at your car! Eh, he just kinda BIUM!! chucked it outta-- uh...I don't think we're liable for that."
    • A woman repeats the valet experience. "Look at that! AWESOME! ....not for you."

Need a new car or truck?


Toaster dew

If an evil killer alien robot endorses it, how can it be bad?

Mountain Dew

  • "Transform your summer": a late-twenties loft dweller yells at his toaster for taking the last Mountain Dew, prompting his roommates to drag him away... while behind their backs, the toaster converts to a soda-bearing mechanical monster and does a defiant little dance. Tail segment advertises the Transform Your Summer contest.

Transformers: The Game

  • No narration: Prime and Megatron face off. Summer 2007.
  • Optimus Prime narrates: "Protect... or destroy. Good... or evil. Where you stand is a question of choice."

Verizon FiOS

  • Michael Bay commands things to be AWESOME. Walking around his massive estate, Bay cues up tigers, life-size Bumblebee props, and explosions on demand. In an extended version, Bay bashes aside the Nokia robot.

Toy commercials

  • Movie characters.
Narration: unknown
Features: Megatron, Prime, and other movie guys.
"The Transformers' war... has invaded our wold. And the Earth is no match for the evil Decepticons!"

Transformers Animated


The evil Starscream prepares to attack, with the evil Decepticons Blackarachnia and... Lockdown? Luckily, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Prowl, and Bulkhead are there to save the day. Notice how Bulkhead is SHORTER than 'Bee. Also, no original animation nor voice acts. They just don't make Transformer commercials like they used to.

Narration: unknown.
Toy segment: The Jets switch to robot mode in split screen before forming Safeguard.
The new Elite Guard Autobots have arrived - Jetfire & Jetstorm!

McDonald's Happy Meal toys

Kids play with Animated Happy Meal Toys inside a giant, Happy Meal Box-shaped Spaceship. Inexplicably, MOVIE Optimus Prime appears in the background.

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