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The Transformers Generation One Commemorative Series was a line of Toys "R" Us exclusive reissues of early Transformers toys. Each series was numbered via roman numerals in sequential order, with each numbered series consisting of two or three separately sold, reissued Generation One toys. Series I and II were released in traditional window box packaging. Series III and beyond were available in "book box" packaging which vaguely mirrored the style of Takara's contemporary Transformers Collection reissue series.

The Commemorative Series line, in its initial release, lasted from 2002 to 2004.

The majority of the Commemorative Series figures were exclusive to Toys "R" Us stores. With a few exceptions that are noted below where applicable.

There are currently no plans to continue with the numbered Commemorative Series with the series ending at IX.

Starting in 2007 a related series, known as Commemorative Edition, would be introduced. The boxes mimicked the style of the "book box" from the previous Commemorative Series toys. This time though the box colors, fonts and style would resemble the current closest related Transformers toy line on the market at the time rather than trying to emulate the Generation One style of the previous series. (See notes in Commemorative Edition below for more on this.)


Commemorative Series

Series I

Note: Another reissue of the original Optimus Prime toy (known as "25th Anniversary Optimus Prime") would be made available in 2008. It was available in a large sized,open windowed style box set that included: the toy with its accessories, a reprint of the first Marvel produced The Transformers Comic Book from 1984, as well as the first three episodes of the The Transformers 1984 animated series on a single DVD. An Autobot insignia voice box was also included that could be placed on a persons belt. This was released as part of the 2008 - present Universe line. But was available in all major toy chains and stores and was not exclusive nor was it called Commemorative Edition like other post Commemorative Series reissues were. It was released as if it were part of the "G1 Series" of Universe figures of that year instead.

Series II

Series III

Series IV

Series V

Series VI

Series VII

Series VIII

Note: Though intended to be released together with Skids at Toys "R" Us stores, Side Swipe wasn't officially released in the United States until more than a year later, and then only at KB Toys stores and outlets at half the original price. He was released with Skids at Toys "R" Us stores in Canada and Australia around the time he was originally supposed to show up, however.

Series IX

Note: Though intended to be released together with Ricochet at Toys "R" Us stores, the Hasbro version Astrotrain wasn't released until more than a year later, and then only exclusive to the Hasbro Toy Shop online store. In addition, Astrotrain was later also released in Australia as a Kmart exclusive (for a deep discount price). Despite being an exclusive, he could also be found clogging up shelves in smaller, privately owned toy shops.

Related releases

Commemorative Edition

Note: "Commemorative Edition" Soundwave was a Toys"R"Us exclusive released in early 2007, available in packaging using the design and style of the Classics toy line. There was also a 2009 San Diego Comic Con Release of G1 Soundwave that included 4 cassette Decepticon Transformers including: Ratbat, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw and Ravage. It had the look of the 2008 Transformers Universe Toy Line and celebrated the toy lines 25th anniversary.
Note: "Commemorative Edition" Perceptor and Insecticons were Toys"R"Us exclusives released in late 2009, available in Commemorative Series style packaging using the design and style of the 2008-present Universe toy line.
Note: A 2010 San Diego Comic Con Release, Autobot Blaster included 3 cassette Autobot Transformers. It had the look of the 2008 Transformers Universe Toy Line.
Note: A 2010 Big Bad Toy Store Exclusive Release of the G1 Decepticon Combiner team known as the Seacons that combined together to form the huge robot known as Piranacon. It had the style of the current Transformers Universe toy line at that time, listing it as a G1 Commemorative series figure.

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