Commandos is the fifteenth episode of Robots in Disguise. It first aired in the United States on September 24, 2001 on Fox Kids.



The Decepticons attack a dam while the Predacons sabotage their efforts in disguise. To make matters worse, the Decepticons reveal a brand-new trick up their sleeves...


Scourge and the new Decepticon subgroup known as Commandos demonstrate their firepower to Megatron by destroying a dam at a remote location. They then plan to attack another one on which people depend. Sky-Byte, meanwhile, is angry that the Decepticons are gaining Megatron's interest, and he enlists Slapper, Dark Scream and Gas Skunk for his plan to steal the credit for Scourge's next plan by disguising themselves as Autobots. For their part, the Autobots have witnessed the Commandos' assault, and Optimus Prime sends patrols to a number of other dams. At the Sherman Dam near the Los Bogus desert resort, Koji Onishi and his friend Doctor Bridget are going on a tour of the dam by themselves. Meanwhile, X-Brawn is patrolling the dam as well when he encounters Scourge, Mega-Octane, Armorhide and Rollbar. He engages the Decepticons in battle, only to be thrown by Scourge into the water, where he finds he can't swim to the surface. The Predacons watch all this from a distance. When the Decepticons start to plant their pulsar bombs, Koji alerts Optimus, who sends in Side Burn and Prowl. Meanwhile, Sky-Byte orders his "Autobots" to attack the Decepticon group, who are still planting bombs as they climb up the dam. Scourge goes to deal with this diversion and ends up attacking Side Burn and Prowl, throwing the two into the same water as X-Brawn, where they find themselves similarly stuck. As this occurs, Sky-Byte sends Dark Scream to install a transmitter to take control of the bombs. While Optimus Prime arrives elsewhere, Megatron broadcasts his threats to a city that relies on the dam, which includes a casino Kelly is visiting. Megatron orders Scourge to destroy the dam, but when Scourge obediently trips the detonator, nothing happens, because Sky-Byte has taken control of it. Sky-Byte then says he will trigger the bombs at Megatron's word, but just as Megatron finishes a three-count for him, Optimus intervenes, and the detonator falls into the water where the Autobot Brothers are waiting. Angered at being made a fool of in front of the humans, Megatron orders Scourge to destroy the dam by any means necessary. Mega-Octane fires at the main bomb, blasting a hole in the dam and causing a blackout in the casino just as Kelly is close to getting a jackpot. While Optimus Prime wrestles with Scourge, the Autobot Bros. slide towards the Commandos and attempt to overturn them. Ro-Tor and Movor try to provide air support, only to be blocked by Team Bullet Train. Sky-Byte and the Predacons hope to take out both parties with some indiscriminate fire, but the plan boomerangs on them when Scourge tries to shoot at the dam, only for Optimus to tackle him. He unwittingly fires at Sky-Byte and company, sending them into the water. Team Bullet Train decides to combine into Rail Racer, but the Commandos decide to follow suit with Ruination. They initially pin down Rail Racer, but the Autobot Bros. jump into the fray, allowing Rail Racer to blast Ruination into his separate components. Scourge is forced to abort the mission. The dam is then repaired and power is restored, revealing to Kelly that she didn't win anything. Meanwhile, Megatron is angry with Scourge, while Sky-Byte vows to make Earth his own personal domain.


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Writer: Marc Handler

Notable quotes

Slapper: Well, if we're gonna dress up like Autobots, then I'm gonna look like Optimus Prime! Yeah, that's it!
Gas Skunk: No, I'm gonna be Optimus Prime! I'll have a red helmet and a siren...
Dark Scream: I'll be Optimus Prime, I want him!
Sky-Byte: Stop this nonsense! If you had any brains you'd be dangerous. I, of course, shall be Optimus Prime.
Slapper: Well, ain't that just Prime.

—The Predacons seem to have a slight fixation, while Slapper channels the munky

X Brawn: Hey! I ain't a lasso! [Gets thrown into the water]
"Hey, I can handle this. Frogstroke, swim, swim, swim, swim."

—Do they need to say all their actions?

"Ha! Hey, I like being a good guy, as long as I can blow things up."

Slapper has a keen sense of priorities

Sitting at the bottom of the lake:
X Brawn I spy with my little eye, something beginning with "F"!
Side Burn I hate that game, lets play a round of old maid instead!
Prowl Don't encourage him, X Brawn. Next thing you know he'll be down here playing Go Fish.

Prowl is very observant

"Someone will pay for this! They are all going to feel my wrath!"
"I like that line. 'They are all going to feel my wrath.' Who wrote this script, somebody's fiancée?"

Megatron talks big, and Kelly gets nasty

Megatron: I can't believe I trusted you, Sky-Byte! You made me look like an idiot! It's terrible, people are laughing at me!
Sky-Byte: He came out of nowhere—like lightning! It was Optimus Prime!
Megatron: AAUUUGGHHH, NOT PRIME AGAIN!! I CAN'T STAND IT!!! ....hooo, got this under control. Scourge, you're going to blow up that dam RIGHT NOW, understand? I don't care how. Blast it with your lasers. Burn it with your flamethrowers. RIP it apart with your BARE HANDS. Just MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!
Scourge: We can do that.

—Megatron in full diva mode. And by the way, Megatron sure knows how to be a performer

Scourge: I've been waiting for you, Prime.
Optimus Prime: Then you've been waiting for trouble!

Scourge and Optimus Prime



  • While Rail Racer is fighting Ruination, he pulls out two of Midnight Express' cannons, which he only has one of. In the next scene, the error is corrected and it's shown that he has Midnight Express and Railspike's cannons instead.








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