Command Ravage is the name of a model of Steathy Terrorcon drones who battle both the Autobots and Decepticons for precious energon, along with the other type of Steath-Terrorcons, the Blackout drones. They appear to be a special branch commanded by the allied forces of Alpha Quintesson and Rodimus

Japanese name: Command Jaguar Desert-Type


Animated continuity

Following the resurrection of Megatron, many of the Battle Ravage and Divebomb models of Terrorcon came under the Decepticon leader's command thanks to his control of their general, Scorponok. Others remained in the control of Alpha Quintesson, who equipped some of them for stealth, resulting in a difference in coloration. It was one of these feline models, now colored blue, that was identified by the name Command Ravage.

The original Ravage-model inhabitants of Planet Q were shown to have had this same coloration in flashback.



  • Command Jaguar Desert-Type (Basic, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SD-10
A limited-number (but still normal retail) redeco of Battle Ravage released by Takara, Command Ravage transforms into a feline beast. Its mace-tail, connected to the body by a ball-and-socket joint, is designed to be easily removed and used as a hand-held flail. It comes with a clear-green/yellow cannon and large spring-loaded missile launcher, both of which store in its shoulders in beast mode. These pieces can combine into an "Ultimate Energon Weapon" cannon with a scope that can be used by other Transformers toys. It also comes with a clear-green Decepticon-style energon chip that can be attached to most Energon toys.
  • Command Ravage (Basic, 2004)
The Hasbro release of Command Ravage is largely identical to the Takara version. However, there is one very noticable difference: the peachy-tan paint of the Desert-Type was replaced with a metallic gold paint for Command Ravage. It was also released in much greater numbers.


  • The non-firing gun/scope energon weapon piece is modeled after the scope/cannon of Generation One Megatron.

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