Combusta is a Mini-Con in the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity.

Big momma Combusta

Combusta is the de facto leader of the Sonic Assault Team, acting as much a mother as a military leader. She keeps the hot-headed Falcia in check and the airheaded Twirl out of trouble. She's normally a very kind and generous soul, but she gets extremely violent should someone threaten her charges. An angry Combusta can make even Falcia look demure.

To those who can understand the Mini-Cons' binary language (or when the upgraded Mini-Cons speak in "normal" language), Combusta has a very thick Hispanic accent, littered with expressions like "Mija/Mijo-Con" and "Pobrecito-bot". She also appears to have incredible technical skill.


Micron Legend: Linkage Mini-Comics

Combusta's storage panel was one of the many scattered across Earth after the crash of the Exodus, but unlike most she reactivated on her own, without contact from humans or Bulks. She reunited with Falcia through unknown means, and was waiting on top of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington while Falcia retrieved Twirl's panel. The Speed Chaser Team in their Magnawing mode attacked Falcia; though Combusta arrived and drove them off with her cannon mode, Twirl's panel was damaged in the fight.

Combusta helped set up the machinery that in the end would save Twirl's life, and worked with the Super Stunt Team to set up the machinery that would allow her and Redline to activate the Master Key and unlock the Mini-Cons' full powers and break their programming bonds. She and Redline were the first Mini-Cons to undergo the upgrade, and sent out the message to all Mini-Cons, allowing them to access their full powers as well. She used her new abilities to extract information on the Doomstone from Sunburn and helped revert the mutated Ravenus back to his original form.

Combusta joined all the other Mini-Cons in their return to Cybertron aboard the Autobot cruiser Axalon and fought the hordes of their dark creator, Unicron. One year after the battle, she returned to Earth and helped build a free city for Mini-Cons there.



  • Combusta (Mini-Con, 2003)
Combusta is a redeco of the Mini-Con Gunbarrel, transforming into a bomber plane, plus she has a third, six-barreled cannon mode. She was only available with the sixth volume of the Micron Legend (the Japanese name for Armada) DVD in Japan. Like most Mini-Cons, she has a Powerlinx socket that allows her to connect to any toy with a compatible plug.
She uses the same mold as Effect, Hyakurai and Sky Lynx.

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