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Combatron is a planet from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Combatron isn't much of a vacation spot. A world-spanning war left it largely devoid of life, with only a few scraggly plants and scragglier Autobots clinging to life on its irradiated soil. Much of the planet is covered in rusting heaps of robot corpses, but a few nasty surprises lurk beneath the surface...



Combatron was a colony world founded millions of years ago as a garrison for Cybertron's greatest soldiers. Led by the mighty King Atlas, they lived in peace until Atlas's inexplicable disappearance. Without a leader, the warriors of Combatron split into several factions and began a world-spanning civil war. The fratricidal oilbath devastated the planet until almost nobody remained alive to fight it. Only a few survivors, including Whirl, remained to guard the planet's treasures. Foremost amongst those treasures was the "doomsday arsenal", an underground bunker containing the deadliest and most dangerous weapons known to Transformerkind, including Nucleon shock gauntlets, Mini-Cons, and the means to make Decepticlones.

Three hundred and fifty megacycles later, Combatron was rediscovered almost simultaneously by the Autobots aboard the Spanner and the Decepticons of the Upstart. The Autobots were found by Whirl and his Mini-Con allies, while the Decepticons stumbled upon the doomsday arsenal. The Decepticons soon raised an army of Decepticlones and defeated Whirl and his new allies, but the Autobot Armorhide sacrificed the Spanner to destroy the arsenal and the vast majority of the Decepticlones. The Autobots, plus Whirl and the Mini-Cons, then hijacked the Upstart, leaving the Decepticons stranded on the planet amid the echoes of toppling corpse-heaps. Force of Habit


  • Combatron appears to have been heavily influenced by Apocalypse Planet, a planet that was planned to be included in the Cybertron franchise, but was cancelled. Much like Combatron, Apocalypse Planet was to be a war-torn wasteland populated by heavily-armed and -armored warriors.
  • Combatron is the Japanese name for the Combaticons, a group of Decepticons well known for their love of warfare. Bet they'd have loved the place.
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