The name or term Combaticon refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Combaticon (disambiguation).

The Combaticons are a sub-group of Decepticons from Fall of Cybertron.

The Combaticons are a unit of Decepticon soldiers.

The Combaticons consist of:

They combine to form Bruticus.


Exodus novel

The Combaticons formed Bruticus Maximus. They were severely damaged in battle with the Autobots, but were repaired and sent back into battle.

Onslaught was the only Combaticon whose name was mentioned, so it is unclear if the other members are the same.


Rise of the Dark Spark

Fall of Cybertron

The Combaticons assisted Starscream in taking an energon transporter escorted by the Autobots as it's passing through the Hydrax Canyon. Starscream calls it off, but the Combaticons form into Bruticus and continue on in the assault. In the end of the assault they have successfully lost half the energon in the transporter and got the arrested notice from Starscream.




  • The depitction of the Combaticons in FOC is very contrary to typical Decepticon behavior. They maintain a loose military discipline, they function very well together in battle (rarely working against one another), and they seem to possess an almost friendly working relationship.
  • According to Swindle, they were freed from the Decepticon brig by Starscream. G1,much?
  • Also, he implies they are brothers.
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