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The Combaticons are a Decepticon subgroup from the Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action film continuity family.
The Combaticons are a unit of fierce Decepticon soldiers, operating with (mostly) military precision under the watchful eye of the tactically brilliant Onslaught.

The Combaticons consist of:


Revenge of the Fallen: The Game

The Combaticons are green in color, and come in three sizes: Combaticon Scout, Combaticon Sniper, and Combaticon Warrior. The scout turns into a Hummer HX, the sniper turns into a RH-66 Comanche, and the warrior turns into a M1126 Stryker IAV fitted with an LRMS.

Note: They are playable characters in the multiplayer mode.

Dark of the Moon: The Game

The Combaticons reappear in the Dark of the Moon game as assorted cannon fodder. While the other Combaticons have changed in appearance, the Warrior is nearly the same with the only difference being the addition of a large triple chain gun.


  • Bruticus Maximus (2009)
The Combaticons are redecos of the Energon Destruction Team with color schemes homaging the Generation 1 Combaticons — and is an identical toy to the Universe Bruticus Maximus.
They are only available as a multi-pack.

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