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Template:Infobox combiner The Combaticos are a sub-group of Decepticons that specialize in combat on the battlefield. They are combiners, and join together to form Bruticus.

They appear as minor antagonists in Fall of Cybertron.


Transformers: Exodus

The Combaticons were in stasis beneath Crystal City after the experiment showed the Combaticons were unable to control their combined form. Following the city's destruction by Devastator, Bruticus was put on the battlefield at Praxus and Kalis, where he was dismembered by Optimus Prime, Jazz and Sideswipe, who tore off the head (Onslaught). Regardless, they remained active during the war, spying on the Autobots.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

The Combaticons took part in the Decepticon assault on the Ark, but managed to avoid the game-changing Metroplex's firing range/the main battlefield. Onslaught and Brawl hauled Optimus Prime back to headquarters when he was knocked out by Starscream, and chained him up. As Megatron prepared to execute him, the Combaticons watched Metroplex kill Megatron with a few mighty punches. Humbled, the team retreated under Starscream's command at Optimus' aggressive recommendation.

When the Autobots made off with Shockwave's Energon, the Combaticons were assigned to sabotage and reclaim it. However, they found Starscream's abrasive leadership incredibly annoying. Blast Off, Vortex and Brawl went off to bring down the bridge the transport was to roll across, while Swindle worked to shoot out the wheels. Despite their efforts, the transport suddenly became airborne. Swindle grappled his way aboard and was able to destroy the anti-aircraft guns, which already had devastated the Decepticons' aerial assault, thanks to Starscream's impatience. Starscream ordered a retreat, but Onslaught ordered the group to combine into Bruticus as a last ditch effort to salvage the operation. Bruticus made it to the control room, but the transport was so damaged, it crashed and half of the Energon was lost. A stubborn Starscream had the Combaticons jailed for disobeying his orders, even though Onslaught pointed out they saved a mission he screwed up from the get-go. Jerk. The group's defiance of Starscream was rewarded soon enough, as Soundwave resurrected Megatron, who quickly deposed and humiliated Starscream. Onslaught wanted to go after him, but Megatron apathetically let him go. The group accompanied Megatron to where Trypticon's remains were held, and combined into Bruticus to clear a path for their leader.

The Combaticons were aboard the Nemesis when it left Cybertron, and took part in the attack on the Ark, though first some proper chain of command had to be established ("Yes, sir, sir"). The group combined into Bruticus and laid waste to the Autobot forces. However, Jazz and Jetfire's teamwork led to Bruticus being flung off of the ship and cast out into space.



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