Combat Deck is a component of Autobot leader Optimus Prime in Generation One continuity family.
Combat deck

Combat Deck, the alternate mode of Optimus Prime's trailer, exists within Optimus Prime's trailer. ...Wait, what?

In robot mode, Optimus Prime splits into three components:

Although Optimus Prime can function as three independent modules, injury to any one module is felt by the other two.

Prime can operate by remote-control his Combat Deck module up to a distance of 1500 feet. The Auto-Launcher mounted on the deck can use a variety of artillery and radiation beam weapons, including most of those used by his fellow Autobots. The launcher also includes a highly dexterous grapple-arm which allows it to load itself and change its weaponry. The communications disk antenna mounted on the launcher provides a link between Optimus and all his fellow Autobots within a radius of 50 miles. It can be adapted to a satellite hook-up that increases its effective range tenfold.

Unlike Roller, the Combat Deck does not possess autonomous intelligence, but it has shown several times the strange ability to come and go out of nowhere. Spooky...


Cartoon continuity

The Combat Deck was first used by Optimus Prime during a battle with Megatron, during which the two fired at each other at the same time. While the Combat Deck's blasts knocked Megatron's fusion cannon off his arm, Megatron's blast blew the Combat Deck cannon to pieces. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3

Optimus Prime later used the Combat Deck to help the Autobots with a battle in the Arctic. The Combat Deck managed to damage Skywarp's stabilizers, causing him to crash into Thundercracker midair and taking out both Seekers. Fire in the Sky

When Optimus Prime was briefly turned evil, he activated the Combat Deck and Roller to attack his fellow Autobots when they tried to help him. It didn't hit anything, and stopped firing at them as soon as it was hit with an attitude exchanger. Attack of the Autobots

IDW comics continuity

During a savage beating from Megatron, Optimus funneled his spark into Combat Deck. After Megatron assumed victory, Optimus moved his spark back into his body and showed Megatron the error of his ways. Escalation


Generation One

  • Optimus Prime (1984)
Japanese ID number: 01
The trailer portion of Optimus Prime's vehicle mode opens up into his Combat Deck, which features a missile-armed repair drone pod (with seating for one) mounted upon a boom lift arm. Situated in the base of this boom is a spring-loaded launcher that can be used to launch Roller out of the Combat Deck. There are little peg-holes that allow Optimus Prime's gun to be stowed. The interior space of the trailer allows storage room for one Autobot car. This accessory originally featured metal panels, as it was intended to be a base that could accommodate the magnetic feet of Diaclone pilots. The feature was removed for the Transformers release of the figure.

Smallest Transforming Transformers

  • G1 Convoy Trailer (2003)
Japanese ID Number: GTF-01B (trailer)
WSTF Convoy

Honey, I shrunk the Combat Deck

The Combat Deck was available separately from the Optimus cab toy as a shortpacked figure. It is a tiny, simplified replica of the G1 Combat Deck.
In wave 2.5 Optimus was available in cartoon colors, with the chase figure being the trailer painted in cartoon colors.


  • Convoy Perfect Edition (2006)
Japanese ID number: MP-4

You just paid $170 for a big box on wheels.

For the re-release of Masterpiece Convoy, Takara packed him with a proper, full-size, fully transforming, plastic and die-cast metal trailer. The trailer can open up to reveal his Combat Deck, with storage for his accessories and a functional repair drone. The interior has enough room to accommodate one Alternators toy in vehicle mode. What!!! No Roller!!!!.

Hybrid Style

  • G1 Convoy (2006)
Japanese ID number: THS-02
THS02 CombatDeck

Also stores fishing tackle.

This version of Convoy comes with a fully transforming and highly detailed trailer that opens up into his Combat Deck/repair bay, with a functioning repair drone and Roller. It also has storage points for Convoy's various spare hands and equipment pieces. The front of the trailer has two little holes to attach Sideswipe's jet pack.


  • The combat deck is at the origin of one of the oldest and most asked question among the fans. And no, we still don't know where it goes... although some suspect that the combat deck supposedly enters a subspace pocket, where it is stored until needed.
  • In "Fire in the Sky", there is a brief time where combat deck DOESN'T come to Prime. No one really noticed and it ended up coming back eventually.


  1. Don't look at me, this is what the 1986 Marvel UK annual called it!

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