Coldwelder was an unlucky Cybertronian who worked for the Rockgrinder Cartel.


The Covenent of Primus

One day, Coldwelder was working on an energon mine in the Sea of Ages, but was interrupted from his work by a mysterious hovering ship. Although he tried to run, the rotating craft sucked him aboard using a magnetic clamp. Once he was aboard, something injected a probe into his head, which had the side effect of badly wounding him. After awakening on the side of the road, he staggered to the nearest medical center in Iacon, where he related his fantastic story to Junior Medical Officer Ratchet and Dr. Cogwheel. The two doctors sedated him and prepared for surgery. Their examination uncovered the alien probe, corroborating Coldwelder's tale. After removing the probe and repairing his injuries, Ratchet told Coldwelder not to spread the news so as to prevent planet-wide hysteria. This was rendered moot when the Quintessons publicly revealed themselves not long afterward. 

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