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This article is about the third issue of Dreamwave's "War and Peace" series. For issue #49 of the Marvel US series, see Cold War!.
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Dinobots land, Shockwave masterminds, Starscream undermines, Ultra Magnus gets pissed. Autobots watch some TV.

Transformers: Generation One: War and Peace > Issue #3
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Writer: Brad Mick
Pencils: Pat Lee
Inks: Rob Armstrong
Backgrounds: Edwin Garcia
Layout assists: Ferd Poblete
Colors: Espen Grundetjern, Alan Wang & Gary Yeung
Letters: Paul Villafuerte


3000 years ago, Shockwave awakens alone on a deactivated Cybertron, as all the other Transformers are locked in a kind of hibernation. Soon the Decepticon is overwhelmed by an army of ferocious Sharkticons, but before being digested, brutal salvation comes in the form of Scourge. In the present, Shockwave considers where the revelation of Scourge has brought him: the discovery and capture of Alpha Trion.

In Alaska, the Autobots who avoided detainment by Ultra Magnus investigate the disappearance of Scourge, who hasn't been seen since Shockwave shot him from behind. But while they investigate, the Autobots are monitored by humans. Kept in secret, humans have recovered Scourge and begun a study of his irregular technology.

The reactivated Dinobots arrive out of transwarp, the Decepticon ship they travel in barely holding together. From the wastelands of Cybertron, they are spotted in the distance by Blurr, Springer and Hot Rod.

Shockwave and his new lieutenant, the ever-silent Soundwave, dispatch Rumble and Frenzy to carry out some secret mission. On their way, the goons pass by a cantankerous Ultra Magnus, on his way to consult with Shockwave regarding the recent decision to deactivate the Autobots. Shockwave claims the captured Autobots are an unpredictable and dangerous lot and cites their behavior on Earth during the battle at San Francisco. In captivity (un-deactivated, despite Shockwave's orders) the Autobots observe the global broadcast of Shockwave's incriminating footage.

Traversing the wastelands in a large tank, Octane stumbles across the dormant Dinobots. Being a brilliant and intelligent individual, he decides to poke them.

Rumble and Frenzy complete their mission for Shockwave, reawakening the Stunticons, but before they can vacate, Starscream (last seen ambushing Soundwave) conscripts the two goons.

Unable to get any response from Shockwave, Perceptor takes his evidence of scientific anomalies to the High Council. The council, feeling indebted to Shockwave, refuses to take any action. Ultra Magnus barges in and accuses the council of giving Shockwave too much authority, but the debate is halted by news of the Stunticons' escape and rampage. Ultra Magnus quickly assembles a team to restore the peace.

Octane, missing his everything below his neck, is unable to offer sufficient protest to the Dinobots commandeering his transport. The Dinobots start their assault on Iacon, which is noticed by both Shockwave and the Autobot prisoners. While the Dinobots make chaos, Sandstorm escorts Prime somewhere while Broadside relocates the rest of the Autobots.

Sandstorm leads Optimus through underground slave trails that are supposed to be abandoned, but this proved to be inaccurate as Sandstorm is crippled by a piercing laser blast from Runabout. Before Runabout can bring any harm to Optimus, both remaining Transformers are ambushed by another Sharkticon.


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Items of note

  • Isn't it crazy that Shockwave's computer uses English language and Latin alphabet?
  • In the human observer's spy vision, Jazz's "J" name is listed as Meister, which is his traditional Japanese name.
  • Is that Seaspray in the group watching Shockwave's footage?
  • And it looks like Warpath and perhaps Beachcomber are talking about the footage as well.
  • Octane refers to one of the Dinobots as a primitive. They take this rather poorly.
  • Octane's transport is identical to one of Sixshot's modes. However, if it is the character, why did he let the Dinobots take him over?
  • The scene of Ultra Magnus' group assembled to confront the Stunticons is a tribute to the Wreckers as they appeared in Target 2006.
  • The Transformers melting to death in the smelting pools are Leader-1 and Cy-Kill, from the GoBots toy line (who never have great luck anymore).
  • The "Wavelengths" page contains three samples of fan-art.

Covers (2)

  • Cover A: Swoop, Blitzwing, and Astrotrain (left), and
  • Cover B: the rest of the Dinobots (right), art on both by Pat Lee. The covers can connect to form a single image. Within the issue itself, the Dinobots only fought against Octane, who is not on the cover.


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