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Cohrada is a Maximal from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Who needs fingers when you have a gun and a whip?

Cohrada (コラーダ, ko-rā-da) is a hothead with absolutely no patience. He hates sitting around and wasting time when he could be out fighting a battle or two. He likes to fight by himself since he thinks his teammates will just get in his way. Cohrada is also very cold and rarely acknowledges the positive qualities of others. He's had a strong rivalry with Break since the early days of the Maximal military academy and takes every opportunity he can get to outdo his teammate. Though impatient and easily frustrated, he knows a good plan when he sees one and isn't so careless as to ignore it.

Note: Cohrada's name has propagated throughout the fandom variously as Cohrada, Corada, and other permutations along those lines. It is notable, however, that the katakana that makes up his name is the same sequence used to transliterate "Piña Colada" from Spanish into Japanese [1], which may have been an intentional nod to his vaguely conquistador-style helmet. However, this remains unconfirmed.


Beast Wars Neo anime[]

Voice actor: Makoto Ueki (Japanese)
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Beast Wars Neo manga[]

3H Universe comics[]

Cohrada was a member of the post-Reformatting Maximal High Council. Homecoming

IDW Beast Wars comics[]

After the Pax Cybertronia was declared, Cohrada left the official Maximal army to work as an independent agent, since he had little patience for the rules and laws of peacetime. Beast Wars Sourcebook

Serving as part of Big Convoy's task force on the trail of Cybertron's illicit trade in Angolmois, Cohrada was present when the Maximal leader located the newly risen tower headquarters of Shokaract. He speculated that this was in fact a structure from an older era of Cybertron, thrust to the surface of the planet by an unknown force. Of course then Shokaract decided that he and the other members of the task force had to die. The Ascending issue 3


Beast Wars Neo[]

  • Cohrada (Deluxe, 1999)
  • Japanese ID number: C-30
  • Accessories: Water-squirting gun
Cohrada transforms into an organic cobra. His tail is segmented to "whip" freely (like a great many plastic snake toys), plus he has a soft-plastic "bladder" in his mouth that can be used to suck up then squirt out water. Both gimmicks are available in his robot mode; the whip-tail forming his right arm while the bladder-blaster mounts on his left wrist. He also has a third "cannon" mode that is best left forgotten.
  • Cohrada vs Saberback (Deluxe, 1999)
  • Japanese ID number: VS-30
Cohrada was also available in a two-pack with the "Destoron" Saberback. The two toys were identical to their individual releases.

Beast Wars Telemocha Series[]

  • Cohrada (2007)
    • Japanese ID number: TM-07
    • Accessories: Water squirting gun
As part of the Beast Wars Telemocha Series, Corahda was extensively repainted so as to blend in with the other toys in the line, which got paint jobs hewing very closely to the Mainframe models of the CGI show's cast. He came with a DVD of the Beast Wars episode "A Better Mousetrap" — which he was not in. Oh well.

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