Coelagon is a Predacon from the Beast Wars II portion of the Beast Era continuity family.
Coelagon robot

"Darn whippersnappers won't stay off my lawn!"

Rumoured to be over 80,000 Stellar Cycles old (a ripe old age for a Beast-Era Transformer, this puts him well back into the era of Autobots and Decepticons), Coelagon (シーラゴン Shīragon) is always telling tall tales of his past to impart some lesson or other to the younger Predacons. He claims to know a lot, and acts as the team's adivsor. However, a disturbingly high percentage of what he knows ends up exaggerated or false; whether or not this is due to faulty memory circuits or simply getting the wrong information in the first place is unknown. However, one legend he told rang true - the tale of the Angolmois energy capsules hidden on Gaea.

Coelagon combines with his fellow Seacon Space Pirates to form God Neptune.


I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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Beast Wars II cartoon

Voice actor: Tadashi Miyazawa (Japanese)
Coelagon beast

"I will get you Megaman!"

Beast Wars II comic


Beast Wars II

  • God Neptune (Ultra, 1998)
Japanese ID number: D-21
BW2Coelagon toy

"The piranha have not yet arrived... But I assure you, the koi are ravenous."

A redeco of the Generation One Seacon Skalor, Coelagon transforms into a robotic four-legged fish monster, with many features suggestive of a coelacanth. However, he lacks the rifles and stand-pieces of the original version of the mold. He was available only as part of the God Neptune gift set with his teammates. Since he uses the Scramble City style of combination, he can form the arm or leg to any combined orbot of similar construction, but his nominal place is as the left arm of God Neptune.
For unknown reasons, a great number of unboxed God Neptune sets—lacking all of their accessories, including combiner parts—ended up available on the secondary market. These went for considerably less than the "complete" releases, naturally.
This mold was also used to make Gulf.

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