The Cybertron Code of Combat is an aspect of Transformer culture and law that governs personal combat between the leaders of two factions with the loser being exiled into deep space forever.

The code requires a warrior to fight as they are without any form of enhancement or aid from their comrades.


Generation One cartoon continuity

After Megatron took all the powers of his fellow Decepticons, he engaged in personal combat against Optimus Prime, who did not know that Megatron had far more abilities then he normally had, with the loser being exiled from Earth. Heavy Metal War

Generation One Marvel US comic continuity

When the Autobot contingent led by Fortress Maximus arrived from Nebulos to Earth, they sought contact with the Autobots of Earth who were aboard the Ark, led at that point by the Dinobot Grimlock.

However, the contact was not peaceful due to the Nebulos contingent harbouring Goldbug -- considered a fugitive from Autobot justice by Grimlock. The Dinobot (and Autobot) leader challenged Fortress Maximus to a duel under an ancient and (apparently) barbaric custom that when two Autobot leaders could not agree, then "might decides right". The Autobot groups retired to a barren patch of the Moon to battle it out ... although the outcome was not one that either side could have anticipated. Totaled!

Timelines: Razor's Edge

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