Coby is a human from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Can we fix it? Actually, the guy he said he could fix in the first episode stayed broken for almost the whole series, so not really.

Coby Hansen, with his brother Bud, and their friend Lori, live in rural Colorado. Although he is only a teenager, he assists the Autobots in the search for the Cyber Planet Keys and the fight to save Cybertron from the devastating Unicron Singularity.

Although Coby has his faults - Lori would be quick to point them out - two of his finest qualities are his concern for his family and friends (especially Bud), and his outstanding mechanical aptitude. Armed with only a few tools and general references, Coby was able to quickly comprehend the alien workings of a Transformer's internal systems, and repair the damaged Landmine, through whom the young mechanic and his friends became acquainted with the Autobots... and, all too soon, with the Decepticons.

HE can even retrodesign a Scrapmetal to fit a human pilot for control that has no offical name but for reason, (un)known it was dubbed the Cobybot which he pilots for more information go to the links.


Cybertron cartoon continuityEdit

Voice actor: Sam Vincent (English), Yukiko Tamaki (Japanese)

Coby rode inside Hot Shot to help him win the Cyber Planet Key on Velocitron, keeping two important wires held together to allow him to keep at maximum speed. He also fixes up the 'bots when they're broken and is generally scolded at and fussed over by Lori for some crazy reason nobody can possibly guess.


Coby and Lori begin dating at the end of the series, and the ending credits show them to have gotten married.

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Galaxy Force mangaEdit


Coby is a white boy with dark blonde hair and green eyes. He has two main outfits: one is a black T-shirt under a blue winter coat, white pants, and black shoes. The other is a white shirt, and blue jeans.


  • According to TV Aichi's Galaxy Force webpage, Coby is 14 years old at the beginning of the series.
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