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Cobra-La is a group of Cobra-related weirdos in the Generation One continuity family.

Cobra-La is a bizarre, ancient civilization hidden away in the Himalayas. They use organic technology and despise humanity for not doing the same.

Members include the half-serpent, crab-armored ruler, Golobulus, the silent powerhouse Nemesis Enforcer, the deadly and not-so-beautiful Pythona, many axe-wielding soldiers who say "LALALALALALALA," and a vast array of big, ugly critters.


Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers continuity[]

Thousands of years ago, Unicron arrived to devour Earth, and only Cobra-La could stop him. They had developed a metallic eating fungus that threatened to destroy Unicron, while Unicron could simply have buried them alive. Forced into stalemate, the Chaos Bringer made a deal: Unicron would leave Earth alone for a few thousand years, and Cobra-La would go into exile. In exchange, Unicron would devour only humanity when he returned, while Cobra-La would be allowed to keep the planet after the apocalypse. Unicron departed and Cobra-La fled into the Himalayas, but they kept samples of the fungus. Black Horizon

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