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Clouder, who becomes Doubleclouder when bonded with his Transtector, may want people to think he's a trust-worthy Autobot, but in reality he's a devious Decepticon spy. Except when he's not. He's also got a crush on the Autobot Headmaster Junior Minerva, a trait shared by virtually every male in the conflict. Additionally, Doubleclouder is extremely sensitive about his condor mode. Make fun of it and he'll betray you.



Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Takeshi Kusao (Japanese)

An outfit for every occasion.

Precisely who the young man called Clouder is remains something of a mystery. There are some vague suggestions that he is connected to the United States Department of Defense, since, in his first appearance, he was able to observe video taped footage of Transformer battles the Department of Defense had been noted to acquire. Likewise, how he discovered his Transtector is unexplained, but when, after viewing the aforementioned tapes, he made the decision to don its Masterbraces and combine with it, it was shown to already have adopted a vehicle mode, and was hiding in a cavern behind a waterfall.

His geekishness getting the better of him, Clouder decided to adopt his Decepticon falcon form first, considering the evil robots to be "cooler". As the final Godmaster, he was welcomed into the fold by the Decepticon leaders, Mega and Giga, quickly proving his worth in battle against King Poseidon, staged by the distrusting Hydra and Buster. During the course of the battle, a cruise ship was damaged, much to Clouder's regret, and drew the attention of the Autobots. In the firefight which ensued, under Giga's orders, Clouder adopted his Autobot robot form and "saved" Minerva, joining up with the unwitting Autobots and infiltrating their base. Appearance!! The Final Godmaster Transmitting security diagrams of the base to the Decepticons and setting up a series of bombs, Clouder departed to deliver the final schematics to the Decepticons, only to be found out by Metalhawk, but not before he managed to complete his mission. Secret Orders! Destroy the Autobot Base!! Imprisoned within the Autobot base, Clouder was trapped when his bombs detonated and the uncaring Seacons left him for dead. Rescued by the Autobots despite his misdeeds, Clouder realized the error of his ways, and requested permission from Ginrai to join their side. Ginrai agreed, but rather than stay with the Autobot forces, knowing they did not trust him, Clouder departed to work alone. Disaster! The Autobot Base Explodes

Attempting to prove his worth, Clouder approached Shūta Gō, asking him to contact Ginrai so that he could reveal to him the location of the Decepticon base. Naturally skeptical, Shūta instead had Clouder take him, intending to call Ginrai if the information proved accurate. Unfortunately, the Decepticons—unaware of Clouder's change in allegiance, but taking no chances—captured them both, consigning Clouder to the same fate as Shūta when they discovered he had turned on them. Ginrai was then drawn to the base to rescue them, and succeeded with help from another turncoat Decepticon, Cancer. The Autobots then initiated an all-out attack on the Decepticons' headquarters, during which Devil Z submerged the base, leading to Clouder's use of the flight powers of his falcon form to deliver jet boosters to fly the Autobots to safety. God Ginrai: Showdown at the Decepticon Base

The two remaining Decepticon Headmaster Juniors, Wilder and Bullhorn had also been abandoned in the submerged base, and parted ways with the Decepticons as a result. Teaming up with Cancer and Clouder as part of the Autobots' final attack on the Decepticons, all four boys were then made victims of the power of Devil Z, who removed their Masterbraces and separated them from their Transtectors, bringing the mechs to life and discarding the humans. Autobots! Desperate Attack!! Clouder again displayed his apparent military connections by acquiring for the boys an armored vehicle that they could use for the final battle, but they arrived too late to participate in the fight, as the Doubleclouder Transtector and the other Decepticons fled into space, pursued by the Autobots' own now-living Transtectors. A Battle... and Then...

Super-God Masterforce comic


Generation One

  • Doubleclouder (Godmaster, 1988)

Doubleclouder was a redeco of Doubledealer. It came in lighter colors with fewer stickers and paint applications. He could turn into a Decepti-condor (we know, don't ask), a missile carrier, or a super-duper chocolately-coated awesome Autobot.


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