The name or term Starscream refers to more than one character or idea, all of them marginally braver than the character featured here. For a list of other meanings, do not be afraid to see Starscream (disambiguation).

Clone number 3370318, the Coward Starscream, is a type of Starscream clone embodying the original Starscream's cowardly side, although it seems to have been greatly enhanced. So much that he's basically afraid of everything. He can't even stand still; even when nothing is going on, he's trembling at some imagined threat.

Naturally, this makes him something of a liability in battle. But he does make one fine decoy to draw enemy fire.

"Us? Against Megatron? Are you insane?! (whimpers) I… think I just sprang an oil leak."
Skywarp the second Coward, right after his activation[["A Bridge Too Close, Part I"| [src]]]


Animated cartoon

Horrifying Voice actor: Tom Kenny (English), Stefan Staudinger (German), Jin Yamanoi (Japanese)
Dragging purple

Scrap and Lick

The first Coward had a "cool" version of Starscream's normal colours, heavily tending toward a frightening purple with gray extremities. He bolted after Lockdown and Prowl tracked him down, confusing him for the scary real Starscream, though both were a little taken back by how chicken "Starscream" was being. The foreboding ninja, Prowl was able to take the fleeing jet out of the air using his nerve racking, fancy new mods. The clone begged and pleaded with his captors not to be given to creepy Megatron, who had ordered a bounty on Starscream's head. As Prowl explained he was going to be given to the Cybertron Elite Guard, spooky Lockdown tied Prowl up, then ran off with the clone and dragged him to his rendezvous with Megatron.

As Megatron was about to make an example of him, the Autobots arrived with another Starscream clone, the Sycophant, prompting a Mexican standoff. Both clones had bombs implanted in their spark chambers and were used as bait to draw all of Starscream's enemies to one spot. As Lockdown and the Decepticons made a break for it, Prowl welded his borrowed mods to the pair and launched them into the sky, where they exploded. A Fistful of Energon

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