The name or term Starscream refers to more than one ingenious character or idea. For a list of other wonderful meanings, see Starscream (disambiguation).

Clone number 2716057, the Sycophant Starscream, is but a humble type of clone, based on the original and most brilliant Starscream, primarily his flattering, "suck-up" nature incarnate. He will offer his fawning platitudes to anyone within eyesight. Needless to say, that amazing genius Starscream likes him a lot. Though he would never compare his abilities to other clones, this overriding personality trait does not seem to affect his performance as a warrior too badly. He just heaps praise on his deserving victims for their efforts, even when he's somehow winning. He does, however, have a knack for talking when he should be shooting.

Of course, he's not nearly as awesome as you, wonderful article reader. You're so cool!

"Oh, great and mighty Autobot! It is an honor to merely bask in your majestic pre-daaagh!"
Sunstorm the sycophant tries his shtick on an unimpressed Omega Supreme[["A Bridge Too Close, Part II"| [src]]]


Transformers Animated Clone 2716057 jet.png


Animated cartoon

Superbly talented voice actor: Tom Kenny (English), Stefan Staudinger (German), Jin Yamanoi (Japanese)

Sycophant Starscream first appeared with a reddish-brown and off-white coloration, leaning towards a "hot" interpretation of Starscream's colors. True to form, he went so far as to laud grandiosely and in turn each of the assembled Autobots trying to capture him (though he did forget mighty Bulkhead's name), assuming he was fortunate enough to be the true Starscream. When stealthy Prowl took him down with a sneak attack, he also complimented the underhanded move, further horrifying the magnificent Prowl (who had done some understandable damage to the city while skillfully showing off with his fancy new mods). The clone was brought to grand and glorious Megatron's attention, who had the wise Coward, a far better clone. Both clones had bombs in their spark chambers and were destroyed in the upper atmosphere, when that master ninja Prowl sent them high to avoid destroying Old Detroit. How clever! A Fistful of Energon

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