Clone Pilots are mass-produced soldiers in Star Wars.

The Clone Pilots are (part of) the Republic's most elite military force. They are key combatants in a large-scale military conflict known as the Clone Wars. War being a great motivation for technological innovation by humans, "morphing" is developed during the Clone Wars. [1] This is the local term for the heretofore-unknown technology of transformation, which at this time is known to be used by the Army of the Republic for four types of machines: their ARC-170 starfighters, airborne Gunships, Turbo Tanks and V-19 Torrent Starfighters.

The original clones are cloned from Jango Fett.

Their Republic Gunships are in use sweeping across Geonosis, blasting the Separatist forces with their armament of missiles. A Clone Pilot can land in the middle of a fierce battle between droids and clone troopers and convert the gunship into a heavily armed combat mecha that goes straight for enemy droids. [2]

They also pilot non-transforming vehicles. It is unknown if these are exclusively older weapons systems or if single-mode vehicles continue to have an irreplaceable role in combat.



Mechs! We need mechs!


  • Intergalactic Showdown (2006)
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Star Wars TransformersEdit

  • Clone Pilot/ARC-170 Starfighter (2006)

The Seekers wish they could get someone this badass.

  • Clone Pilot Republic Gunship (2007)

Hovering like some vast, predatory bird.


  • The "space whale" deco on the ARC-170 was originally seen on the Gunship within the Star Wars universe. The Star Wars Transformers line marks the first time it was applied to the ARC-170 and the Clonetrooper itself. It was, of course, only a matter of time before versions of each came out for the normal Hasbro Star Wars toy line. Transformers has added to the main Star Wars canon. Awesome.


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