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== Trivia: ==
== Trivia: ==
* She is named [[Lugnut (TFA)|Lugnut]] in Franch
* She is named [[Lugnut (disambiguation)|Lugnut]] in Franch
=== [[Transformers: Cyberverse|Transformers Cyberverse]] cartoon ===
=== [[Transformers: Cyberverse|Transformers Cyberverse]] cartoon ===

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Clobber is a female Decepticon in Transformers: Cyberverse. Her best friend is Lockdown, and she's a huge, intimidating bruiser, capable of withstanding tremendous damage and retaliating with devastating punches when she's not using her hovertank mode to simply roll over the enemy. She later joined Autobots.


Transformers Cyberverse cartoon


Clobber 2.png
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