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By all appearances, Clipshade is a wily Decepticon crime boss and a member of the Cybercomrade Sect. His ruthless cunning and fighting prowess are merely a mask, as Clipshade is in realty an Autobot stage performer, employed by Ultra Magnus to act as a double agent in the Sect's ranks.


Despite being a performer, Clipshade began working for Ultra Magnus in an attempt to track down the head of the Cybercomrade Sect. Posing as a sect member, Clipshade allowed himself to be arrested by Bumblebee and wound up as a prisoner aboard the Alchemor. After the ship crashed on Earth, Clipshade escaped and hid out in a testing facility in the Agave Canyon. When Retrofit turned up with a Mini-Con prisoner, Clipshade's suspicions were raised and he tested her by suggesting they find Afterburner as an ally, when Afterburner was in reality a member of a rival sect. After throwing Fixit at the rapidly approaching Bumblebee, Clipshade ducked into a nearby building. He was able to evade Sideswipe and Grimlock, but Arcee succeeded in organizing the Autobots and Clipshade was soon surrounded. The unconscious Decepticon was taken back to Ultra Magnus's ship.

Magnus let Clipshade loose to continue the hunt for the head of the sect, and a distress call led him to Bumblebee and Grimlock. After a brief fight, he was able to fill them in on his mission and ask them who had given them the distress transmitter, as it was almost certainly the head of the Cybercomrade Sect. They returned to the U-Pack-It Self Storage Facility where Strongarm was guarding Overhead, only to find that the Decepticon had already split.

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