Clipper hails from Planet Micro, home of the Micromasters. She is obstensibly the "girlfriend" of Holi, though like any girl-kid-character who deals with boy-kid-characters in kid-aimed-anime, she's serious-minded and sometimes bossy and frustrated by the doofiness of her male associates, who she's smarter than to boot.

English-Malay dub name: Rose


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Miyoko Aoba (Japan)

When Clipper and Holi witnessed the accidental death of the Decepticon Deathcobra at fellow Decepticon Hellbat's hands, Hellbat realized he could blame the pair for Deathcobra's demise. As implausible as this seemed, the rest of Breastforce bought it, securing Hellbat's position as part of their combined form Liokaiser. The giant went after the two Micromasters, only to have Star Saber step in the way.

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  • Clipper's model is basically a leaner, visor-less rendition of the Decepticon Sports Car Patrol Micromaster Hyperdrive. A year later, that mold was released by Takara in very Clipper-esque maroon-and-white colors as part of the Autobot Super Car Patrol Team — but named Gingham (who had his own similar-but-more-toylike animation model). Still, Gingham makes a decent substitute toy for Clipper, while a semi-ambitious customizer can make do with Hyperdrive.
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