This article is about the "outed" friend of Spike Witwicky. For the used car employee, see Clifford.

Clifford Dietz is a human friend of the Autobots in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Clifford loves purple.

Cliff is Spike Witwicky's best friend at college. He's a major klutz and is coming to terms with his identity. He lives in San Francisco, and he wears a pink hat.


Marvel Comics continuity

Cliff is the best friend of Spike Witwicky. A bit of a klutz, and self conscious about the fact that he wears glasses, but learning to be more comfortable with himself. As he says, "Lots of famous, respected people wear glasses."

During a ski trip with Spike, who had been binary-bonded to Fortress Maximus, Cliff and Spike are attacked by the Pretenders Carnivac and Snarler, who had been ordered by Decepticon leader Scorponok to assassinate Spike. As the pair flee, Spike is forced to share his secret with Cliff, who helps Spike feel more comfortable with Spike's own identity. This proves instrumental in ensuring their survival. Normally klutzy Cliff proves his worth even more when he is able to retrieve Spike's headmaster helmet from Snarler while skiing down a slope. The Man in the Machine!


  • As of 1989, Clifford lived in San Francisco, California. If he hadn't moved by 1994, he probably died with everyone else in the area when Jhiaxus nuked the place. Dark Shadows!
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