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"Closing yourself off from feeling, won't help anyone"
―Cliffjumper to Arcee in Out of the Past.

Cliffjumper was one of the initial members of Team Prime fighting the Decepticons on Earth. He is originally a partner of Jazz and also the second partner of Arcee.  Unfortunately (and shockingly), Cliffjumper was killed by Starscream (star scream has an exotic penis) in his debut episode. Cliff's body was used as a test subject for Dark Energon and turned into a Terrorcon, only to be killed once again. His death would be one of Arcee's nightmares.


Journey to the Core[]

Cliffjumper and Ultra Magnus' Wreckers escorted Optimus Prime, Bumblebee/Ironhide and Jetfire/Warpath to the Well of AllSparks when they made their journey to purge Cybertron's core of Dark Energon.

Saving Arcee[]

During the Great War, Cliffjumper and Bumblebee broke into Airachnid's lair to stop her and rescue Arcee and her partner, Tailgate. However, they were only able to save Arcee because Airachnid had already killed Tailgate.

Sea of Rust[]

After the repelling the Decepticon attack on the Ark, Optimus Prime sent a search team composed of Jazz, Sideswipe and Cliffjumper to look for the Lightning Strike Coalition who went missing in the Sea of Rust. Jazz and Cliffjumper were forced to split up and take separate routes, but thankfully Cliff had the experimental cloaking technology and used it to sneak through the various Decepticon patrols and defenses.

Jazz and Cliffjumper eventually meet up and found a crevasse in which the Lightning Strike Coalition force went missing. Cliffjumper initially wanted to go, but Jazz went instead, much to his annoyance. However Cliff was much more happier up top as Jazz found the deactivated-but-not-dead body of Sludge, and his attackers, the Insecticons who attacked him in swarms. Jazz was able to escape and the two made a bolt for it. However they then came across a lake of pure Energon and a tower projecting immense power. After sneaking through more enemy patrols, they discovered Shockwave talking to Starscream about the tower. However, as impatient as Cliffjumper was, he tried to jump Shockwave, only to be caught and forced to engage him. But a swarm of Insecticons soon attacked as Shockwave retreated. Cliffjumper then found himself trapped in the control room of the tower as Jazz was forced to fight the Insecticons. However Cliffjumper was able to sabotage the tower and free himself. As the tower went critical, the two Autobots were able to escape thanks to Sideswipe and reported their Energon findings to Optimus Prime who would later send an expedition to gather the Energon they badly needed to fuel the Ark.

Final Exodus[]

After Metroplex sacrificed his life to power the Ark, Cliffjumper was seen ordering all Autobots onto the Ark.

Space Bridge Operation[]

It seems that Cliffjumper never boarded the Ark on its launch during the Great Exodus, as he stayed behind to investigate the reports of Decepticon operation on a deserted Cybertron, only ended up being captured by Starscream's forces along with Arcee. As he came out to Arcee and the Decepticons, he asked her if she had missed him. After being interrogated harshly, he faked a shutdown and ended up being locked in Arcee's cell. After Starscream's many failed interrogation tactics, Cliffjumper and Arcee were taken to Shockwave, where through a Cortical Psychic Patch, he extracted an encrypted Autobot message from Arcee; a message from Optimus Prime requesting for all Autobots who heard his message to join his team on Earth.

As the Decepticons now had what they needed, Shockwave swiftly moved to execute Cliffjumper. Luckily, the captive Autobot was able to goad Starscream into handling the dirty work instead, buying enough time for Arcee to break free. After restraining Starscream, she and Cliffjumper questioned him for information regarding Shockwave's latest project: a space bridge. On their way to disable it, Cliffjumper discovered that Arcee was still embittered by Tailgate's death and understood her sorrow, but advised her that "Closing herself off from feeling...won't help anyone." Arcee would take this advice to heart.

Having arrived at the space bridge, Arcee utilized Cliffjumper's penchant for chatter in order to distract the Vehicons as she moved to overload the space bridge. Cliffjumper pretends to have joined the Decepticons, citing Optimus Prime "turning tail" as the reason. He tells the Vehicons to imagine the look on Optimus' face when the Decepticons attack him, with himself included, but he is interrupted by Shockwave, who ridicules Starscream for his failure. At the same time, Arcee managed to destabilize the space bridge, and Shockwave struck Cliffjumper aside as the Vehicons prepared to open fire on the would-be-saboteurs.

In the ensuing battle, Cliffjumper managed to take out several Vehicons, but was downed and held at gunpoint by Shockwave, before he himself was buried in an impromptu rockfall triggered by Arcee. She and Cliffjumper made their escape through the collapsing bridge, but Shockwave followed them through the bridge and opened fire. In a daring manuver, Arcee was able to blind Shockwave with a well-placed shot to his optic, buying Cliffjumper and herself enough time to get to the other side of the portal before the space bridge imploded.

On Earth[]

Following their escape and successful arrival to Earth, Cliffjumper and Arcee wearily celebrated their victory. Cliffjumper, still dazed from the previous fight, was given a hand by Arcee, who resolutely declared him her partner. As the two began their journey across the wastes, Cliffjumper recounted his and Jazz's venture in the Sea of Rust, chiding that he had no one to talk to. The pair would later find and subsequently become members of Optimus Prime's team on Earth.


Three years had passed since the last Decepticon sighting, and Cliffjumper was patrolling around Jasper. He talked to Arcee over a transmission and told her of his discovery of an Energon mine, and the Decepticon forces aboard the Nemesis shortly after. Arcee asked Cliffjumper if he needed backup, but he assured her that he wouldn't and sarcastically asked her if he ever had before. However, he was quickly attacked and overwhelmed by Starscream's Vehicon troops. Though he put up a valiant fight, being outnumbered played a key factor in his defeat as Vehicon blaster fire detonated the energon deposit behind him, gravely wounding him.

On the bridge of the Nemesis, Cliffjumper taunted Starscream, asking where Megatron was, only to be stuck suddenly and violently in the chest. As Starscream told him of his command of the Decepticons, Cliffjumper's energon poured to the floor before the Autobot himself fell limp, fatally injured. He would succumb to his injuries shortly after.


Though brief, Cliffjumper was brought back to life by the effects of Megatron's newly-acquired Dark Energon. However, he was brought back as a zombie-like Cybertronian called a Terrorcon. He then began to destroy several Decepticon miners before attempting to destroy Megatron, but he was cut in two by the Decepticon leader. The Autobots detected his life signal but discovered his new form and realized that it wasn't Cliff anymore. They were forced to abandon him when Starscreamblew the mines, which destroyed what was left of Cliffjumper.


Cliffjumper's death would have lasting effects on the Autobots, most notably Arcee. Ratchet would also mention Cliffjumper's demise when he was empowered by Synthetic Energon. On the Decepticon side, Starscream acquired the habit of constantly bragging about eliminating Cliffjumper, even revealing to Airachnid that he killed the Autobot, much to her surprise. Later, the Decepticons let it slip to Arcee that he was his killer. Arcee even tried to avenge her fallen partner by terminating Starcream(who has an exotic penis), though stopped, because she realized that Bumblebee was watching. During Bulkhead and Ratchet's assistance of Starcream(who has an exotic penis), Arcee reminded the two that she had already lost two partners and wasn't exactly willing to cooperate with one of their killers. In Grill, Agent Fowler told Bryce that Cliffjumper's death was an unexpected and saddening loss of a member of the Autobots. When Bulkhead was trapped on the Nemesis, he encountered a clone version of Starscream) that soon mentioned Cliffjumper (like Starscream would do in battle). This enraged Bulkhead to brutally attack and kill the clone in his attempt to avenge his comrade. When the new Autobot, Smokescreen, arrived on Earth, his personality somewhat matched with Cliffjumper's, which was why Arcee scolded him for putting Jack in danger (Even though she had risked Jack's life countless times as well) and going on about destiny. However, when the Autobots (mostly Arcee) thought that Smokescreen was killed ("once" by Megatron and "twice" when he fell into the ground), Arcee felt regret as she didn't want to lose him like how she lost Cliffjumper. While Miko, in the Apex Armor, was scrapping the Vehicons, Starscream reminded her that he terminated Cliffjumper, only for her to shoot back that she scrapped Hardshell in Chain of Command. Cliffjumper was mentioned by Optimus in his speech in Predacons Rising.

Personality and Traits[]

Like most Autobots, Cliffjumper was a loyal and determined soldier. However unlike most, Cliffjumper was rather cocky and often leaped into situations before looking. He was selfless and had great practical wisdom as evidenced by his advice to Arcee. He also seemed to think he could handle battle situations on his own, which would ultimately lead to his death at the hands of Starscream. However, Cliffjumper was still a fun loving, jolly, and playful Autobot. He quite the chatterbox and would often talk about his experiences on Cybertron. He was also very companionable--the kind of bot that everybody can get behind.

As a Terrorcon, Cliffjumper was aggressive, violent and mindlessly destructive. Megatron coldly claimed, "That is no longer an Autobot. Just a mindless beast, its only instinct to destroy anything in its path."

Physical Appearance[]

Robot mode[]

In robot mode Cliffjumper is red, has two white horns on his head, and is a medium-sized autobot. He has blue eyes and the middle of his body has a black belt through it containing his headlights.

Vehicle mode[]

Cliffjumper transforms into a heavily modified red 1970 Dodge Challenger. It has two horns on the front of the hood and zoomie style side exhaust on both sides. It is also to be noted he slightly resembles the Dodge Challenger from the movie "Drive" (1997) however there is no known relation.


Powers and Abilities[]

Cliffjumper is one of the toughest Autobots around, being able to dispatch multiple Vehicons with his fists, and has proven to be a formidable opponent in battle where he faced Shockwave. He is armed with Six ion cannon blasters in his hands.He has super strength.



"Let's find Optimus, partner"
―Arcee to Cliffjumper as she extends her hand to declare him as her partner in Out of the Past.
Out of the past screenshot 54

Arcee and Cliffjumper agreeing to go to Earth together.

Cliffjumper rescued Arcee from being killed by Airachnid. He and Bumblebee saved Arcee just in time. Cliffjumper met Arcee again when he was taken on board the Nemesis. Starscream used Cliffjumper to make Arcee give out the secret Autobot codes. She didn't and they were taken to the chamber room. Cliffjumper was thrown inside and Arcee went by him to see if he was alright. Cliffjumper couldn't believe that she cared. Arcee told him that she cared if he was alive. Cliffjumper and Arcee talked about how they got captured for a while. They were taken to Cybertron where they were placed in Shockwave's chamber room. Shockwave took a cord and plugged it into Arcee's head to get the codes. Starscream and Shockwave observed the codes, while Arcee blinked at Cliffjumper to assure him that she is still alive. Shockwave was close to killing Cliffjumper if Starscream had not interrupted. Starscream was going to use his claws to kill Cliffjumper, but Arcee quickly dispatched Starscream and helped Cliffjumper. Cliffjumper tagged along with Arcee to take down Shockwave's space bridge. Arcee recommended that Cliffjumper distracts the guards while she overrides the Energon containment protocols on the space bridge. Shockwave returns and dispatches Arcee from doing so. Cliffjumper managed to take down some vehicons and fought Shockwave. Arcee shot and killed a few vehicons too and saved Cliffjumper from being killed by Shockwave. Cliffjumper extends his right hand to hold Arcee's right hand as they agree to go to Earth together and escaped through the space bridge, while Shockwave follows them. Arcee shot at Shockwave's eye and he was blinded. Cliffjumper and Arcee escaped to Earth, where Arcee told Cliff that they search for Optimus. Arcee extended her hand and welcomed Cliffjumper as her partner. Sadly this didn't last long as the Decepticons returned and Starscream killed Cliffjumper. Arcee was sad and enraged when she found out about Cliffjumper's death.

Cliffjumper and Arcee were close and good friends. When Cliffjumper was shockingly killed, Arcee felt and still feels sad over losing another partner. Cliffjumper was mentioned by Optimus Prime in Predacons Rising where he gave a speech at the ceremony of promoting Bumblebee. Arcee closes her eyes and looked down for a moment when she heard Optimus say Cliffjumper's sacrifice.


During the War, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper saved Arcee from Airachnid, but they couldn't save Tailgate since he was already killed by Airachnid. On Earth, Bee was sad to learn about Cliff's death, even angry when Arcee might have told him that it was Starcream who killed him. However, despite that, Arcee didn't kill Starcream because he was watching.


During the Fall of Cybertron, Cliff was partners with Jazz until they went to their separate ways. They didn't reunite because Starcream killed Cliffjumper and Jazz wasn't around until he returned to Earth. Jazz may not even know that Starcream killed his former partner.


Starcream is Cliffjumper's rival and killer. They had first met on Cybertron after the Great Exodus. After escaping and travelling to Earth, Starcream had a hatred/rivalry for the Autobot. 3 years later, Cliffjumper was captured, and Starcream then killed him. He later presented Cliffjumper's lifeless husk to Megatron, as a "Welcome back present". Starcream would often mention terminating Cliffjumper, even to Arcee in Partners. However, his phrase was rather old as Miko Nakadai mentions terminating Hardshell in Chain of Command.


To Shockwave, Cliffjumper was an annoyance to him when they first met. When Cliff and Arcee arrived on Earth, Cliff wanted to give Shockwave a rematch. However, it didn't happen since Starcream informed him that he killed Cliffjumper, though Shockwave didn't even care about it.


TV Series:[]

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3: Beast Hunters:

TV Movie[]


  • Despite being killed off in the very first episode and only making the occasional flashback appearance, most of the marketing for Transformers: Prime featured Cliffjumper with the main team. (One even showed him standing in front' of Bulkhead.) This was done to make his death more of a surprise and show that anything was possible in Transformers: Prime. As expected, his death came as quite a shock to everyone watching the first episode. Primes sister show, G.I.JOE: Renegades, did the same thing with the character Ripcord, but he would eventually return alive but had been experimented on by the antagonists in a similar manner to Cliffjumper.
  • Originally, Smokescreen was scheduled for his death. However, he was supposed to die in the first season finale, as opposed to the premiere.
  • Tailgate shares the same body type as Cliffjumper in the toys.
  • This is the first Cliffjumper to appear in the same cartoon as Bumblebee and not be a repainted version of Bumblebee.
  • Cliffjumper is one of two Autobots to appear onscreen, but not survive the episode they debut in. The other is Tailgate.
  • Cliffjumper has been mentioned in more episodes than he's appeared in, and mostly by Starcream(who has an exotic penis).
  • Despite being killed by Starcream(who has an exotic penis), Cliffjumper was one of the popular transformers in the prime cartoon. He is frequently depicted in multiple fanfictions based off him and is frequently present in AUs based off Prime. Other fanfiction stories include him being alive in the story and letting another 'bot be killed in his place.
  • Cliffjumper is the only Autobot to be recast by another voice actor.
  • Cliffjumper resembles his Generation 1 counterpart.


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