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Cliffjumper is like Bumblebee and Wasp, but red! He takes care of Sentinel Minor's dirty work.


Animated cartoon

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Voice actor: David Kaye (English), Atsushi Imaruoka (Japanese)

Cliffjumper accompanied Sentinel Minor, listening wordlessly while the latter was whining about lamenting his superior in regards to the glitches with whom he was stuck. When asked about the echo that Sentinel was hearing, he gave no reply. He was seen again when Wasp was ejected from Autobot boot camp. He had the honor of carrying out the traitor, who was strapped to a treaded carrier. (Too bad they got the wrong guy...) Autoboot Camp

Blurr sponge

Cliffjumper, the janitor, was commanded to dispose this sponge.

He apparently becomes Longarm's secretary and trash disposal. TransWarped

TFA CliffJumper on Screen

"My boss is the bad guy? I am shocked and appalled!"

Cliffjumper informed Optimus and his crew about what happened to Ultra Magnus and he said it was good news about capturing the Decepticons. Five Servos of Doom

Cliffjumper was also a part of the video conference between Sentinel Prime, Alpha Trion, and Perceptor, when the Autobot Council members informed Sentinel of their concerns about his ascension to leadership. Cliffjumper even pointed out that Prowl, not Sentinel, had captured Lugnut and the other Earthbound Decepticons (which, of course, isn't exactly true). Decepticon Air


Transformers Animated

  • Cliffjumper (Activators, February 2009)
A redeco of "Activators" Bumblebee, with a new head sculpt that closely resembles the character's cartoon appearance.


  • Despite being shared the same body that Bumblebee and Wasp have, who are adolescents, Cliffjumper is actually a full-grown, young Autobot.
  • It's been reported that Derrick Wyatt has confirmed that since Shockwave revealed himself and went AWOL, Cliffjumper is the new head of Autobot Intelligence. So, does that make him "Cliffjumper Prime"?
  • His voice is always changing.
  • According to the Allspark Almanac 2, when Longarm was exposed as a traitor, Cliffjumper became the new head of Autobot Intelligence.

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