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Cliffjumper shoots first and asks questions much, much later. The only intelligence he's patient enough to gather is "Decepticons were here, and now they're dead." Despite his surly and impetuous nature, however, Bumblebee seems to like him.


Bumblebee film

Voice actor: Andrew Morgado (English)
Cliffjumper Bumblebee

Cliffjumper on Cybertron

A member of the Autobot rebels fighting against the Decepticons and lieutenant Optimus Prime's, Cliffjumper and the other Autobots were forced to evacuate Cybertron via personal escape craft, intending to regroup on Earth when it became clear that they could no longer hold out on Cybertron.

Some time later, the Decepticon hunters Shatter and Dropkick tracked him to one of Saturn's moons, and attempted to torture him to learn Optimus Prime's whereabouts. Though Cliffjumper refused to betray the Autobots, the two Decepticons managed to pick up B-127's signal from nearby Earth. The pair decided to go after B-127 instead... but not before Shatter tied up the loose end by fatally bisecting Cliffjumper. Bumblebee

IDW Transformers (2007) comics continuity

Prior to the war, Cliffjumper was Guardian under the command of Lord High Protector Megatron and assigned to serve Optimus. He, along with Bumblebee were assigned to guard the Allspark at the Temple of Simfur. Cliffjumper tried to reassure Bumblebee that the job wasn't too bad, they could always wait for the action to come to them. Rather prophetic as shortly there after an enormous alien war tank blew clean through the Temple's wall. Defiance issue 1

Cliffjumper was part of an Autobot assault team on Mars under the command of Arcee. Together with his teammates, he attacked the Decepticon warship Nemesis. The Reign of Starscream issue 2 Cliffjumper and the others made short work of the Swindle, Dreadwing, and Payload drones that the Decepticons sent against them, but were unprepared for Thundercracker's sonic weaponry. Cliffjumper and Camshaft attempted to provide cover for Smokescreen to evacuate the fallen Air Raid, but Thundercracker killed Camshaft and wounded Cliffjumper. Saved from certain doom by Arcee, Cliffjumper turned the tides on the Decepticon, only to be shot in the back by Starscream. Arcee attempted to evacuate her wounded comrade, but was struck down by Starscream instead, leaving Cliffjumper's future looking grim. The Reign of Starscream #3


Transformers film

Movie Cliffjumper Deluxe

First is yellow, now is red, next is white!

  • Cliffjumper (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Accessories: Blaster cannon/blade
As part of the AllSpark Power refresh of the movie toyline, Cliffjumper is a red and silver redeco of the Deluxe Camaro Concept Bumblebee toy and, naturally, transforms into the concept vehicle for the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro.
Cliffjumper features two Automorphing gimmicks during transformation: (a) swinging his hood down into robot mode position also moves his arms up and (b), swinging his feet down will move the rear fenders up and behind his calves, as well as swinging the rear windows to his inner calves in a spring-loaded action.
Cliffjumper comes with a plasma cannon that he can hold in either hand. For added play value, the cannon can Automorph into an energy blade by opening up the halves of the gun barrel and swinging them back. Care should be taken when removing the cannon from Cliffjumper's hands, as excessive force can damage the wrist ball joint socket.
Contrary to popular opinion, the red pieces on the back of Cliffjumper's feet are not supposed to be heel spurs, and they have not been mis-assembled. They are supposed to fold up to emulate the detail found on the CGI design for Bumblebee.
Due to the fact that both Cliffjumper and '08 Camaro Bumblebee share the same mould, you can swap pieces. You can end up with right strange bots!


Movie CyberSlammers Cliffjumper

This is Red Turbo Ranger, I'm rollin' out!

  • Cliffjumper (Cyber Slammer, 2007)
Part of the fourth wave of Cyber Slammers toys, Cliffjumper is (natch) a redeco of the concept-Camaro Cyber Slammer Bumblebee. He has motorized action: When you push down on the car, it zooms forward and slowly pops into robot mode!


Movie Legends CliffjumperBarricade toys

Where's my gun?

  • Cliffjumper Vs Recon Barricade (Legends multi-pack, 2007)
Released as part of the AllSpark Battles refresh of the movie toyline, Legends-class Cliffjumper is once again a red and silver Bumblebee reeco. However, being a straight redeco, the alt mode remains a classic Camaro, instead of a Concept like the Deluxe figure is. He comes packed with a Legends-class Recon Barricade, itself a redeco of the previously released Legends class Barricade.


  • Cliffjumper (Legends, 2008)
An individually packaged release of the Legends class toy, released within Europe.

Bumblebee film

  • Cliffjumper (Speed Series, 2018)


  • Cliffjumper (3D Battle-Card, 2007)
    • Card number: 2

He'd have jumped that cliff if he hadn't swerved.

Cliffjumper is a 31-point "Common" piece in the 3D Battle-Card Game. Constructed of punch-out pieces from randomly packed plastic cards (two full robots per pack), he can be assembled into his car mode (model undetermined) or into a rather stumpy robot mode. One of his blaster-weapons is held in his right hand, the other can mount on either shoulder.
He uses the same construction as the Jazz and Smokescreen cards. This style is similar to the one used by Barricade, Earth-mode Bumblebee, and Swerve.
His card art was done by Lucio Parrillo.
  • Cliffjumper and Optimus Prime (Robot Heroes, 2007)
Movie RobotHeroes BestBuy Cliffjumper OptimusPrime

Dance, red boy, DANCE!

Robot Heroes Cliffjumper is a redeco of the first-wave Bumblebee figurine, a non-transforming, super-cute rendition of the character. He is exclusive to the Best Buy USA release of the movie DVD release, along with a battle-damaged version of Robot Heroes Optimus Prime. Guess who he's a redeco of?


  • This Cliffjumper is quite obviously a throwback to the original Generation One robot of the same name. Not only are the personalities very much alike, but the original Cliffjumper's first toy had an identical transformation to the original Bumblebee, and his subsequent toys were redecos of later Bumblebees. And so the pattern continues...

One bee, two bee, red bee, blue bee.

  • An early test ILM animatic (seen in the Circuit City exclusive content web site) of Bumblebee's model shows 'Bee facing off against a red doppelganger. Hmmmm.
  • Amusingly enough, Cliffjumper's 3D card robot mode is clearly designed after Alternators Swerve, though with a few movie-aesthetic concessions thrown in, mostly in the look of the feet. It's exceedingly likely the names of the two cards got mixed up, as card-game Swerve bears more than a passing resemblance to Bumblebee (and by extension, every other version of movie Cliffjumper), and Cliffjumper sure seems to be relegated to being a Bumblebee redeco since, well, everything after that first toy.
  • With three toys, a Robot Hero, and a Battle-Card, Cliffjumper has by far the most merchandise for a Transformers movie character not actually appearing IN the film.
  • He is also the only movie character who did not actually appear in the film to have Movie Legends Figure. This is probably because he was so easy to make (Bumblebee in red plastic) that they figured "why not make an extra buck?"
  • Some people say that Cliffjumper (like the guy above) was not in the movie. That is a lie because the failed mission to Mars looked like the shadow of Bumblebee but was actually Cliffjumper. .

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