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An impressively-skilled high-risk thrill-seeker, Cliffjumper relishes challenges and stunts that put him in danger. Unfortunately, these stunts often put his teammates at risk as well during combat, which has earned him many reprimands.

Japanese name: Overdrive
Hungarian name: Sziklamászó ("Cliff-climber") [1]
Russian name: Skalolaz (Скалолаз, "Climber")



Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Doron Bell Jr. (US), Katsuyuki Konishi (Japan)

Cliffjumper was one of the rookie soldiers who were sent into the rift to locate Optimus Prime's unit. Serving under the venerable Autobot warrior Bulkhead, Cliffjumper and his close friend Downshift both have a lot to learn from their elder commander.

Cliffjumper participates in the Autobot Grand Prix, and takes the lead from Hot Shot going into the final shot, being better-suited to the unexpected 'off-road' condition of the track. However, his nerve fails him as he approaches a steep ramp, and because he hesitates he doesn't have enough speed to successfully jump this... cliff. Crash Course

Late in the Powerlinx Battles, Cliffjumper was aboard the Miranda II when she was crippled by the Decepticon forces occupying Cybertron. As the other Autobots abandoned ship, he and Optimus Prime stayed on board to sucessfully allow Kicker and the Omnicons to disembark safely. Unfortunately, the pair failed to save the crippled ship and were subsequently rescued by Omega Supreme and Superion Maximus. Galvatron!

He is erroneously known as Downshift at times.

Note: Cliffjumper's "power-up" coloration is based on his US-only redeco, Beachcomber.

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Dreamwave comics continuity

Cliffjumper was part of the Cybertron force sent to Earth to combat the Terrorcon hordes sent by Alpha Quintesson. He was assigned to Los Angeles, California, under the command of Jetfire to battle the infestation of Insecticon clones.



  • Cliffjumper (Mega, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SC-18
    • Accessories: Left & right launchers, 2 missiles
Energon Cliffjumper toy

You wouldn't want to be kneed by those pads...

Cliffjumper transforms into a large Baja-style buggy with electronic sounds and hood-mounted twin missile launchers. These launchers become hand-held weapons in robot mode. He can also transform into the top half or bottom half of a larger robot, able to combine with most other Mega-sized Autobots.
The Takara release of Cliffjumper has a similar, but more primary, higher-contrast coloration. As with most of the larger Japanese releases of Energon/Superlink toys, his electronics were removed.
This mold was also used to make Energon Beachcomber.


  • As referenced above, the Energon cartoon switched Cliffjumper and Downshift's names around for the first few episodes, from their first appearance in "Improsoned Inferno" (sic) through to "Farewell Inferno", in defiance of the toy names. From "Crash Course" onward, however, the correct names were restored.


  1. Yes, the name mix-up's present in the Hungarian dub, meaning he only has his normal name once, that with the wrong voice actor. His pseudo-name is Lejtő, meaning "Slope".

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