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Clench is a Decepticon from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family. He is also known as Colossus.

You were supposed to be this colossus! You were this great legendary thing!

Utterly devoted to destroying the Autobots, the Decepticon leader Clench is fueled by anger, hatred and malevolence. He wades into battle blasting, smashing and running over anything in his path with no mercy, then shooting anything else with heavy firepower.

So naturally, he's a registered driver in Texas.


Marvel UK Generation 2 comic

Clench was part of the Decepticon force led by Bludgeon, sent to Earth to smash stuff up and lure out Optimus Prime. Mostly, he just drove over some parked cars.

IDW Generation One comics

MegsOrigin2 Clench dies

Insert crappy "Let me give you a hand" joke here.

Long before the war, a group of ex-miners including Megatron, Frenzy, and Rumble took part in a violent uprising against leaders who had exploited them while pocketing the fruits of their labor. They found themselves on the lam in Kaon, which is where they apparently met Clench. Clench employed these same bitter ex-miners to work as gladiators in an underground bloodsport (in which he also occasionally partook), placing them at greater risk than they had ever known and conditioning them to give into their murderous impulses, all while hoarding the fruits of their labor for himself. Clearly, he had thought this through.

So Megatron eventually killed him during one of the fights and took over. Megatron Origin, Part 2


Generation One and 2

G1Clench toy


  • Clench (Obliterator, 1993)
    • Accessories: 6 missiles
Clench transforms into the front half of a long-nosed truck cab of undetermined model. The back half of his vehicle form, the truck bed and container, turns into a large, double-barreled, missile-launching artillery platform that uses “gravity feed” to load a new pair of missiles for rapid firing. Pressing a button between the barrels pops up a spring-loaded targeting reticule. Both gimmicks are available in truck mode as well. In truck mode, the support strut for the artillery cannon becomes a rear-mounted, extending gripper-claw.
He was first released as part of the "transitional" period of Transformers in the European market, in Generation One style packaging, yet bearing the new Generation 2 Decepticon sigil. Later on, he was re-released in Generation 2 proper under the name "Colossus".


  • No, really, his toy's license plate says "Texas". It's also clearly some kind of European plate, so apparently this is the Texas in Europe.
  • His Function is "Leader". This supposedly means he's the main baddie of 1993's line, though Hasbro Europe was pretty liberal with the "Leader" label during that time. But most of the other "Leaders" were members of multi-bot groups, and since Clench is a Decepticon sub-group of one, then it follows he's likely the head honcho of them all.

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