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This article is about the Armada Mini-Con. For the Generation 2 Decepticon, see Clench (G2).

Clench is a Decepticon-allied Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Clench was chosen by Galvatron to replace Leader-1 as his Mini-Con partner. Galvatron rebuilt him to be the ultimate Mini-Con, and this new form so pleased Clench that he swore allegiance to the Decepticon cause, serving Galvatron loyally ever since. He considers his reconstructed body to be a new breed of robot, superior to Mini-Cons. Despite this belief, he still looks surprisingly like Leader-1, to the point that some Decepticons have wondered if the two are genetically related. Leader-1 will not confirm these rumors. It is unknown what Clench would have to say about the matter, but it may be that everyone is too terrified to ask him. He takes advantage of his master's fearsome clout to boss not just Mini-Cons around, but even other Decepticons. His eagerness to pick fights suggests that he is unaware of the risk that he might one day be tossed aside like his predecessor. Without the protection of his master, he may find that he has earned more retribution than he can handle.


Dreamwave Armada comics

When Megatron somehow gained a more powerful form and renamed himself "Galvatron," he discarded his Mini-Con partner, Leader-1, in search of even greater enhancement. Failing to find a more potent Mini-Con, Galvatron decided to create the ultimate partner. He began with Clench, "upgrading" him with parts from other victims. The end result was a Mini-Con thrilled with the power that came with his reconstruction. He submitted himself gladly to Galvatron's rule, relishing the authority his position afforded him over other Mini-Cons and Decepticons. More Than Meets The Eye: Armada

Note: Clench never appeared in the story proper, only in a bio. In fact, the entire Galvatron incident is just told, not shown, and it can only be placed in the timeline if one assumes that Galvatron at some point reverted back to his "Armada Megatron" self and reclaimed Leader-1. Where that would leave Clench in the end is unknown.



  • Galvatron with Clench (Ultra-Con, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MD-08
Armada Clench toy

Behold the ultimate Mini-con, it comes with missile launcher and leather upholstry... not that matters.

A redeco of Leader-1, Clench transforms into a Cybertronic buggy with twin top-mounted blasters. He also has multiple "gun" configurations that allow him to be mounted on Powerlinx plugs or "held" by any toy that uses 5mm weapon-post accessories.
This mold was also used to make Caliburn, and was the basis for the new-mold Cybertron Mini-Con Drill Bit.
In Japan, the Clench toy is actually just a powered-up form of Barrel (Leader-1's name in Japan), not a separate character.

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