Like Tigatron before him, when Claw Jaw first emerged from his stasis pod his beast instincts overwhelmed his Cybertronian personality. Though eventually restored to himself, his squid instincts still form a huge portion of his psychology, motivating much of the way he acts, fights, and hunts. He even keeps an undersea lair in the deepest and coldest part of Earth's seas. Claw Jaw gives a lot of attention to protecting it when Predacons stray too near. It is a job for which he is well suited: The suckers on his eight arms can drain the energon right out of a robot and into Claw Jaw. Combine that with a crushing grip, razor-sharp fangs, and robotic claw weapon, and few Predacons escape to inform on the refuge he so fiercely protects.

Claw Jaw is a rather simple bot without great endurance, firepower, or intelligence, but he makes up for that with courage and impressive undersea speed, even if his ingrained "squiddy-ness" sometimes weirds out his fellow Maximals.

Spanish name: Atrapador
French-Canadian name: Octopince
Italian name: Octopus


IDW Beast Wars comics

Claw Jaw was one of the protoforms left behind by the crew of the Axalon on prehistoric Earth. He was activated and put in chronal phase by Razorbeast at Magmatron's request, but was protected from Magmatron's Predacon shell-program by Razorbeast's viral code.

Accompanied by Cybershark, Claw Jaw sped towards Razorbeast and the small group of new Maximals accompanying him. He and a phalanx of other Maximals finally reached them, just in time to fight off an army of Predacons. In the subsequent battle, Claw Jaw used his tentacles to ensnare Scourge. The Gathering

When the Blendtrons arrived to attack both sides, Claw Jaw helped fight them off and was among the survivors. The Ascending


Beast Wars

  • Claw Jaw (Basic, 1997)
Claw Jaw transforms into a maroon and orange squid. Pushing a trigger on his back opens his beast-mode jaws. This also works in robot mode.
Claw Jaw was released in Japan as Scuba and redecoed into Ikard.
  • Claw Jaw (Basic w/ video, 1998)
A redecoed green and blue Claw Jaw was sold with a video in the European market. Despite the lack of a third, vehicular mode, this version of Claw Jaw was still sold as a Transmetal.

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