Objects in mirror may be smaller than they appear

City-bots are Transformers that have alternate modes that are intended to a city. In actual fictional appearances, however, city-bots very rarely approach actual city size. They are typically closer to the size of a large building. In the comic, some characters are simply depicted as a bit larger than the average Transformer. The four city-bots are:

Note: Further research is needed to determine if "city-bot" is an official or fan-created term. If you have information regarding an official name for this group of four Transformers, you can help by updating this page or by visiting the talk page.

Component TransformersEdit

City-bots feature smaller Transformers that transform from components of the city-bot itself. Fictional appearances of these Transformers are somewhat rare, when they do appear some have been shown to have individual personalities and others appear to be mindless drones.



Fortress MaximusEdit


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