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The Autobots split up to head for the inner layers of Gigantion, and Coby reveals his latest creation.

Detailed synopsis

Optimus Prime gathers the Autobots on the bridge of the Ogygia having discovered the Atlantis crashed on the newfound world of Gigantion. With Bud and the Mini-Cons trapped on the ancient warship, they plan to finally rescue their comrades.

On board the Atlantis, Sideways comes to, and is chewed out by Starscream. When the Autobots attack, Starscream declares he's still weakened, and sends Sideways out to handle the intruders. Sideways plays it up all loyal in front of Starscream ("Oui, mon capitan!"), but as soon as he's alone, he starts bitching. Elsewhere on the ship, Bud, Jolt and Reverb come to after the crash. They hear something coming towards them...

Outside, a very irked Sideways tackles Optimus and Wing Saber. The two Autobots combine to Sonic Wing Mode, but it's all basically a distraction while Override and the Cybertron Defense Team infiltrate the Atlantis by ground.


I can feel its eyes on me...

Back in the ship, whatever's coming towards Bud is in the vents, and busts through. The trio run, but are blocked off by a Scrapmetal. But it's not an ordinary Scrapmetal... it's one piloted by Bud's brother Coby!

Outside, Optimus fires a Cyber-Key-enhanced blast at Sideways, but Soundwave arrives and yanks him out of the way. Starscream mutters that once again, he's the only one he can trust. Outside, the Autobots are reunited with Bud and the Mini-Cons, but the ship begins to rumble. Optimus notes it's too damaged to fly, but Scattorshot, who's been taking readings, notes that that's not the problem: Starscream is powering up the main guns using the engines' power. Quickmix arrives, snarling that he's not about to let some "ratchet-headed offworlder" destroy any city. He converts to cement mixer mode, and his Mini-Con partner Stripmine mans his station on Quickmix's back. The other Autobots pull away, and Quickmix begins pumping untold amounts of quick-drying cement that covers the entire ship and starts filling the crevice. His plans foiled, trapped and out of power, Starscream can do little more than profane.

Back on the Ogygia, thanks are exchanged, and both Bud and Lori ask Coby when he's going to build each of them a giant robot. Coby apologizes for only having parts enough for one. Optimus asks Scattorshot if he had anything to do with it, and Scattorshot replies he only offered a little help. Coby shows everyone what else the machine can do, transforming it into the Cobybot! Scattorshot notes that the 'bot hasn't got any onboard weapons systems for safety. Optimus approves, but says there's just one more thing...

"You might want to try shouting 'Transform!!' when you do that! It'll really get you psyched up!"

Optimus then places a special Autobot sigil on the Cobybot's shoulder-armor. There is laughter and merriment all around.

Using the data drive Coby found (last episode), Scattorshot discovers there are four main routes to the central layer, with no way to tell which one is the quickest. The Autobots then split up into teams to cover them all, with a backup team remaining on the Ogygia just in case.

Back in the normal universe, Primus carefully rations his energy, firing periodic blasts to keep the black hole from expanding too much, even though it is starting to create holes visible from Velocitron, Jungle Planet and Earth.

Somewhere on Gigantion, Sideways thanks Soundwave for saving his bacon. Soundwave reminds him that they have a purpose for being here...

Jetfire has split the Autobot forces into four teams to explore each route, plus the backup team for five.

Elsewhere, the Decepticons are buffing up Galvatron after his duel with Optimus. Galvatron simply barks the order "Find the Key", and the Decepticons scramble.

Optimus Prime's team, consisting of Vector, Metroplex, Bud and the Mini-Cons, come across a giant pile of scrap blocking the way. Bud and Jolt crawl through a small hole, and set off charges to let the larger bots in. Jolt checks the map-box strapped to his back, and they carry on... unawares that they're being followed by Ransack and Crumplezone. The Autobots come across a big door, and Metroplex forces it open... revealing an entire city under a bright daylight sky. Optimus is befuddled, as they're supposed to be underground, but Metroplex and Jolt inform him it's all an illusion set up by the ceiling above.



Jolt is about to check the map when he's snatched! Ransack and Crumplezone give themselves an overly-extended intro (Very Team Rocket-esque, no?), and Metroplex takes a swing at them. The two start leaping from rooftop to rooftop, playing hot potato with the Mini-Con, who can't fly with the map strapped to his back. Optimus and Vector give chase, but can't shoot out of fear of hitting Jolt. Bud calls Coby in for help...

Coby preps his Cobybot, and Quickmix gives him... something. The bot hovers off to catch up with Prime, Coby assuring the Autobots he can handle those two "sprocket-heads" by himself. The Decepticons are having a blast, even shooting down chunks of the false sky. Suddenly a voice cuts in, and the Cobybot appears! He transforms the mech (with the appropriate "Cobybot, TRANSFORM!!!" and stock-footage sequence, earning a thumbs-up from the Primes and Metroplex), and hurls a steel ball at the two Decepticons, which breaks open and sprays some stuff at their feet. The two 'Cons laugh it off, until they realize they're stuck, thanks to Quickmix's super-fast-drying cement.

Optimus stands in front of the two, demanding Jolt back, and Crumplezone tosses the Mini-Con over his shoulder.... but he's caught by Evac. Metroplex then tosses Optimus the Sparkdrinker, who stock-footages the two Decepticons far, far away.

Optimus thanks the backup team for coming along, and tells Coby "I need more 'bots like you." Bud takes this as his cue to pester Coby to build him a robot suit.


Original airdate: ???

Written by: ???

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


Notable quotes

"Awww, man, never mix energon an... huh?!"

Sideways, returning from unconsciousness

"Aw, man, I always knew you'd rescue me! I just never dreamed you'd do it in such a cool way!"
"Huh? You don't think I'm cool?"
"Not that cool."

Bud and Coby

"That's how we roll, or have you forgotten the ways of our people?"
"Fo' real, Sideways. Don't forget why we are here."
"... no, I won't forget..."

Soundwave and Sideways

"Och, it's just a door. Do ye not have doors where ye come from?"

Metroplex pooh-poohs the grandeur

"As far as you two are concerned, I'm your worst nightmare!"
(gulp) "Galvatron?"

Coby and Ransack & Crumplezone

"I hate those things."

Crumplezone, on Scrapmetals

"Why us, Ransack?"
"It's the Wheel of Fate, my friend."
"It ran right over us!"

Ransack, Crumplezone, then the two of them together

Other Notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Bud and the Mini-Cons come to, Reverb's arm is in the shot, but he's missing the entire truck-bed/wheel portion of it.
  • Jolt's propeller spins when he bows in thanks to Optimus. In order to do this, it clips through the tail-rudder sticking out of his butt. This is not by any means the only time this occurs in the series.
  • When Override transforms when the teams roll out, it honestly looks like she lands right on top of Lori.
  • For being unable to move thanks to having his foot cemented to the floor, Ransack's supposedly-cemented foot sure does move a lot.

Continuity errors

  • When discussing the Cobybot, Scattorshot is carrying his long blue rifle in one shot, but it vanishes for the others.

Transformers references

  • When the Cobybot first transforms to robot mode, it does so with the classic Generation One transformation noise. (And no stock footage, either!)

Real-world references

  • Sideways' squeak of "mother!" when Optimus fires his Key-enhanced blast recalls cartoon legend Daffy Duck, who would frequently squeak out "mother!" right before something horrible happened to him.
  • Part of the Velocitron duo's extended intro involves the line "My name's Crumplezone, and this is my partner Ransack!". This is word-for-word the introduction comedian-magicians Penn & Teller use, with the big guy (Penn/Crumplezone) introducing the little guy (Teller/Ransack), accounting for the different names, of course. The only difference is that Ransack joins in to say his name, while Teller remains silent for the entire show (well, we never see him talk. Offstage voiceovers are another matter).

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This is the first time we see any connection between Sideways and Soundwave, though right now there's still little explaining Sideways' ultimate motive...
  • Bud gets new duds this episode.


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