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Circuit is an Autobot in the Generation One continuity family.

"What would it take to put Circuit on the battlefield delivering messages for Autobot Command here, today? Whatever it is, I'm willing to make a deal, just tell me what you need! I'm here to make you happy, after all, and making a deal is my middle name."

Circuit is the type of smooth-talking, easy-bantering used-car salesman who gives used-car salesmen a bad name. More, he hates to do anything without wheeling-and-dealing first, so even his commanding officers have to suffer through his constant "pitches." Many of his "deals," however, are actually scams, meaning Circuit has to constantly look over his shoulder for vengeful former marks back to take revenge. His Formula 1-style vehicle/exo-suit was developed with high speed in mind (the kind needed to escape from an angry mob, say), a cloaking shield (the kind needed to hide from an angry mob, perhaps), and a decelerator cannon (the kind needed to slow that mob down till you're sure you've gotten away). These abilities, plus a devastating Gattling gun in its exo-suit mode, make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, which may be why the Autobots keep him around, despite it all.


Generation One

  • Circuit (Action Master, 1991)
Circuit is a redeco of Axer, sold only in European markets. As an Action Master, he cannot transform, but does have evidence of an alternate mode, possibly some kind of offroad buggy. He comes with a Formula 1 vehicle that transforms into a battle exo-suit. Both Circuit and the exo-suit are compatible with other Action Masters, vehicles and accessories.

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