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Cindy Newell is a human in the Generation One continuity family.

So blonde, she glows.


Marvel Comics UK continuity[]

Cindy Newell was a post-graduate student from Pennsylvania. She and her friends Corrinne and Judy were on their way to view the volcano Mount Verona when their campervan overturned trapping Corrinne inside. Fortunately Ultra Magnus, who had newly arrived on Earth, was nearby and was able to rescue her before the van exploded. He then drove the three friends towards the volcano. Burning Sky!

However, their journey was interrupted by a forest fire. While Ultra Magnus attempted to deal with the fire Cindy accidentally betrayed him to Galvatron. Galvatron and Ultra Magnus began to battle and Cindy became trapped in the fire before being found by Rodimus Prime, Blurr and Kup who had travelled back from the future to deal with Galvatron. At first Cindy was unwilling to trust the newcomers after what had happened when she spoke to Galvatron but eventually she led them to Mount Verona where Galvatron had defeated Ultra Magnus. Hunters!

Ultra Magnus was eventually rescued but Cindy became angry with him when he planned to take part in what she considered to be a suicidal mission to prevent Galvatron from using Mount Verona as a power siphon. She ran off leaving him to his fate. Fire on High!

Sometime later, still haunted by dreams of Ultra Magnus and Galvatron, she saw a news story on the discovery of two Transformers entombed inside Mount Verona. Recognising Ultra Magnus and Galvatron she made her way to the volcano hoping to free Ultra Magnus. There she teamed up with Joy Meadows and Susan Hoffman and battled Soundwave and the Combaticons who planned to destroy Galvatron by destroying the volcano. With the help of the Throttlebots they managed to defeat the Decepticons. For some reason Cindy then decided to leave without releasing Ultra Magnus. Ladies' Night