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The Autobots would say that most Decepticons have a screw or two loose mentally, but Cindersaur is missing at least a bucket full. A volatile combination of pyromania and stupidity, it is suspected that, in his function as a Firestorm Trooper, he inhaled a good bit more smoke than his systems could handle and permanently damaged much of his cerebro-circuitry. With one of the lowest intelligence ratings ever recorded for a sentient robot, Cindersaur needs to burn a path of destruction everywhere he goes just to have a chance of finding his way home.

When not burning various things (especially Autobots) to ashes he relaxes by drinking volcanic lava and taking flame baths to ease his aching joints.

French-Canadian name: Cendrosaure


Marvel Comics Continuity

Cindersaur and the other Firecons were in charge of a Decepticon penal facility on Cybertron. At the behest of Scorponok, they released three Autobots (Backstreet, Fizzle, and Sizzle), and sent them to Earth via a space bridge, where the three became test subjects for Lord Zarak's new creation, the jammer. Ca$h and Car-Nage! Later, the Firecons were among the troops who accompanied Bludgeon to the planet Klo on a mission of conquest after Cybertron was ravaged by Unicron. Cindersaur inadvertently destroyed his comrade Sparkstalker during the combat, inflicting the only casualty the Decepticons suffered during that military campaign. The Last Autobot?


Generation One

  • Cindersaur (Firecon, 1988)
Cindersaur transforms from a robot to a bipedal horn-nosed lizard monster thing. In this mode, his rear limbs can be swung up, allowing him to be rolled forward on the rubber gear-wheel on his belly. This activates the Firecon team's gimmick, shooting "cold" sparks from their beast-mode mouths.
The same mold was released by Takara as Guzzle in somewhat Godzilla, or rather Hojoni-themed colors.


  • Rapido and Cindersaur (BotCon 2010 souvenir set)
In BotCon 2010, he was sold as a repaint of Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Megatron.

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