General Cicadacon is a member of the Tripredacus Council.

A Predacon Elder, the cruel and clever Cicadacon is suspected of being very old, indeed. His knowledge of Cybertronian history, especially military history and tactics, is encyclopedic, stretching back even to the era before the Great War. Some suspect he may have once had a Decepticon identity, but if this is true, no records of that identity survive. Regardless of the truth of his origin, Cicadacon uses the stories and rumors to engender fear and respect in his followers. Despite his tactical genius, Cicadacon's long-term strategy against the Maximals has become increasingly unpopular with the more impatient Predacon forces.

He uses chopping rotor blades to spread plague-like destruction and combines with his fellow council members to form Tripredacus.

Italian name: Cicala
French name (Canada): Cigale


Descent into EvilEdit

Dawn of Future's PastEdit


Blink and you'll miss him.

As the crew of the Darksyde fled Cybertron with the Golden Disk, Predacon secret police agent Tarantulas was onboard decoding information from it. While his boss Megatron wasn't watching, Tarantulas contacted General Cicadacon and updated him on the disk's status.

Beast Wars cartoonEdit

Voice actor: Scott McNeil (English), Yukimasa Kishino (Japanese)

IDW Beast Wars comicsEdit

The Tripredacus Council ordered Magmatron to assure that no knowledge of the transwarp wave reached the Maximals. The Gathering #1 When their agent failed at his task of rounding up the rogue Megatron, the council sent Magmatron to complete the mission. The Gathering #2


Beast WarsEdit

  • Tripredacus (1997)
    • Accessories: Two swords
Cicadacon transforms into a green cicada (who'da thought). The toy has twin "blades" that store on its wings. These blades become missiles for Tripredacus's weapon. Cicadacon transforms into the head and chest of Tripredacus. The toy's instructions also referred to his insect beak as a "nasal cannon", although this has not been backed up in the sourcebooks.
This mold was recolored and released in Japan as DJ.

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