Chuffer is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.
Chuffer cof

He's always getting confused for Kup, apparently.

Chuffer is dumb. And now he's dead. Serves him right.

Note: Chuffer is never called by name in the story in which he appears. He was given two different names later in response to questions asked in letters columns; Grimlock dubbed him Chuffer, while several issues later Dreadwind called him Steamer. Dreadwind was called on this by a human reader, and he admitted that Grimlock probably knew his Autobots better.


Marvel UK Comics Continuity

When Chuffer ignored J'Muk's advice and went wandering through the streets of Kalis, he was torn apart by zombies under the control of the insane scientist Flame. City of Fear! Part 1

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