Titan4.14 Chuck Chuckles

Chuck Chuckles is the slick host of TV show Down and Out. He doesn't take kindly to being punked.


Titan Prime comic

It's a Knock-Out

After one of his contestants, Tod, wiped-out, Chuck Chuckles attempted to introduce the next challenger on Down and Out, only for the lights to go out. He demanded they be switched back on so he could see who he was dealing with, only to find himself face to face with Knock Out. While the rest of the crew and the audience were stuck in a box and dangled over a pit of spikes, Chuckles himself was rendered unconscious and held hostage by Breakdown as the two Decepticons forced Optimus Prime and Bulkhead to run the course. Once Optimus saved the other humans present, Arcee managed to rescue Chuckles and blast the floor out from under the Decepticons.

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