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The Chronarchitect is one of the old gods, kin of Unicron and Primus. He exists outside of time, because his physical presence disrupts our world. He intervenes to support the Grand Plan.


Reaching the Omega Point


Half Magic Eye, half Evangelion.

Herald, Covenant, Schism, Paradox

The Chronarchitect appears to Leonicus, but even before he appears, Leonicus notices strange things afoot in the space-time continuum. He comes, essentially, to warn him that Primus' plan is under threat from "Shokaract," not only the name of the Predacon Warlord, but also the name of the great crisis for which the Covenant waits, essentially the purpose of their existence. He speaks cryptically, and appears to have trouble adjusting to linear time. Before disappearing (perhaps dying?) with an awful scream, he urges Leonicus to return to "the beginning."

Terminus This initially mystifying piece of advice ultimately proves crucial, as during the battle with Shokaract, Leonicus realises that to "go back to the beginning" means for the covenant to return to a state of being living energy - as they were before being shaped into Transformers by Primus. They are then able, with help, to destroy Shokaract, and restore the timestream.


  • In the Beast Wars Neo manga it was revealed that the Maximal Heinrad is secretly an agent of "the god of Time and Space". This may or may not be the Chronarchitect...... or the One, who knows?
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