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The Chronarchitect is one of the old gods, kin of Unicron and Primus. He exists outside of time, because his physical presence disrupts our world. He intervenes to support the Grand Plan.


Reaching the Omega Point


Half Magic Eye, half Evangelion.

Herald, Covenant, Schism, Paradox

The Chronarchitect appears to Leonicus to warn him that Primus' plan is under threat from "the long dark night," the crisis known to the Covenant as "Shokaract" (which is auspiciously also the name of a Predacon tyrant). He speaks cryptically, saying "what cannot be is...we face oblivion and it smiles its predatory smile." He appears to have trouble adjusting to linear time, causing all the Covenant members a great deal of distress. Leonicus is "bombarded" by various images from history and generally struggles to perceive the Chronarchitect at all in a way that makes sense to him, while another Covenanti, Capricun, is shocked into breaking a six-thousand year vow of silence. Before disappearing, sucked back into abstract time, with an awful scream, he urges Leonicus to return to "the beginning."



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