Chro is a Predacon from the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Chro is the one on the left. Cryotek's design wasn't cluttered enough, you see.

Chro is a targetmaster drone.


Universe: The Wreckers

Following Cryotek's alliance with the Quintessons, Chro perches faithfully on his shoulder, observing all other beings coldly. When his master began absorbing the powers of the Divine Light and betrayed the Quintessons, Chro sealed the treacherous act by killing Derodomontatus. Distracted by his battle with Sentinel Maximus, Cryotek was still able to mutate Chro to gargantuan size to help Cyclonus battle Tigatron, Ramulus, and Devcon. Following a long, pitched battle, he was finally killed by Devcon. Wreckers: Finale Part II


Beast Machines

Rav recolorchro

To kill a Predabird.

  • Rav (Deployer, 2001)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
All three Deployers were given "running change" redecoes. This version of Rav is blue and navy blue, and retains all his original features.
This toy was later fictionally retconned into Chro.


  • The running-change redecoes of the Deployers were originally meant to be renamed as new characters, but ultimately came out with their original names. What happened is unknown, but the name for the Rav redeco "Chro" (or sometimes "Cro") made it into "canon" via retcon in the 3H Wreckers comics.

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