The Christmas kid is a human in the Generation One continuity family.

G-g-god bless us, e-e-everyone!

The Christmas kid is full of Christmas cheer and wants to spread it to everybody—even Decepticons! He never gives his name.

He also strikingly resembles Brains from Thunderbirds.


Marvel Comics UK continuity

On Christmas Eve, the Christmas kid stumbled across a depressed Starscream. Belligerently, he tried to explain the Christmas spirit to the Decepticon, and Starscream reluctantly agreed to go along with it.

Coming across a stranded van of senior citizens, the Christmas kid suggested to Starscream that he rescue them, but Starscream was interrupted by Streetwise, who thought Starscream was up to no good. The Christmas kid interrupted the following battle and yelled at the Autobot for jumping to conclusions. Starscream rescued the van and, after the Christmas kid said he wished to remain with Starscream, Streetwise escorted it to its destination.

Finally arriving downtown, standing in front of a Christmas tree, the Christmas kid explained the meaning of good will and Christmas charity to Starscream, who was unimpressed. Realizing, sadly, that Starscream could not be made to understand, the kid slowly walked away—only to be surprised when Starscream turned around and wished him a Merry Christmas! Stargazing

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